Please note that Trieste is offered as a bus service from select cities only.

Nestled in North-East Italy and just 20 minutes from the Slovenian border, Trieste is a quaint port city of narrow alleyways, hushed boulevards, and a unique culture resulting from its rich and diverse history.

Top things to see and do

  • Walk through the gardens of the Castello di Miramare, the neo-Gothic home of the Archduke Maximilian of Austria.
  • Remember the literary genius that bloomed in Trieste by visiting Museo Joyce and Svevo.
  • Take in the serenity of the Chiesa Serbo Ortodossa di San Spiridione, a portrayal of one of the numerous religious groups that found shelter and tolerance in Trieste.
  • Enjoy the view from Italy’s largest sea-facing piazza, the Piazza del’Unità d’Italia, where three sides of the square are lined with grand facades from the Habsburg empire, and the fourth is open to the sea.
  • Sip on authentic Italian coffee at Trieste’s oldest cafe, Caffè Tommaseo, dating back to 1830, and said to have introduced gelato to the city.

Tips for travellers

Take a trip just 30 minutes north of the city centre to the village of Duino and visit the 14th century castle, still occupied by the princess and her family, where German Romantic poet Rilke wrote his famous “Duino Elegies.”

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