Head to the banks of the Congo River with flights from flydubai and discover the vibrancy of Kinshasa. Sprawled out along the edge of the mighty waterway, this thrumming metropolis is the largest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and home to more than 11 million welcoming locals. Bursting with character and life, this urban retreat is the perfect place to get a real taste of Congolese life and experience the natural wonders of Africa.

Things to see and do in Kinshasa

  • Discover one of the best natural hotspots of this riverside city - the mighty Livingstone Falls. Admire the thundering waters and marvel at the dramatic waterfall – it makes for an awe-inspiring experience and an incredible photo opp.
  • Learn about local wildlife with a trip to nearby Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary. This park is the only bonobo rehabilitation centre in the world, dedicated to growing the population of the endangered apes. It’s also the perfect place to snap a picture of these incredible creatures.
  • For unrivalled views across the surrounding countryside, head out of the city to Mount Mangengenge. Get your walking shoes on and trek to the peak to be rewarded with lush vistas across the region.
  • With the second longest river in Africa right on your doorstep, a cruise along the Congo River is a must for any visitor. Spend the day taking in this vast waterway or opt for a relaxing evening cruise with spectacular sunset views across the river.
  • Delve into the history of Kinshasa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a visit to the Musée National de Kinshasa. With around 45,000 archived artefacts, you can easily spend a day learning about the culture of this fascinating country by browsing the extensive collection.
  • Once a collection of small fishing villages, it’s little wonder that Kinshasa’s local cuisine boasts delicious fish-based dishes. Try ngai ngai with fried fish or tuck into cassava leaves with dried, smoked fish for a taste of traditional African fare. Enjoy another Congolese staple by sampling a hearty bowl of goat stew that’s bursting with flavour.

Tips for travellers

Get a taste for the whole of the Democratic Republic of Congo and head to the eastern border to discover the beautiful Virunga National Park. The oldest of its kind in Africa and a treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site, there’s plenty to explore here. With fiery volcanoes, diverse wildlife and a mountain gorilla conservation site, this is the perfect place to experience Africa’s rich wilderness.

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