Welcome to Djibouti

Be dazzled by this colourful country in the Horn of Africa. Small in size but bursting with attractions, Djibouti is a fusion of Arabic, African and French cultures, which will appeal to lovers of adventure, nature and fine food alike.

Start your trip in Djibouti City, the nation’s capital, using this as a base for your journeys throughout the country.

Top things to see and do in Djibouti

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant colours and activity of the Central Market in Djibouti City.
  • Swim and snorkel around the Bay of Ghoubbet, where you might be lucky enough to spot dolphins and whale sharks.
  • Make your way north to Tadjoura – Djibouti’s oldest town and a popular spot for diving off stunning coral reefs.
  • Hike up the vivid green slopes of the Goda Mountains in the northwest region of the country.
  • Admire the dramatic scenery around Lake Abbe – an enormous salt lake on the Ethiopian border, which attracts flurries of pink flamingos during the wet season.

Tips for travellers

Be sure to try the delicious local Djibouti cuisine. While there are many wonderful dishes to sample, sharing an assortment of spicy curries on an edible plate of injera bread is a must!

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  • Djiboutian franc Currency
  • French/Arabic Languages
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