Flight to Asmara

Flights to Asmara

Transport yourself to a world where art deco design blends beautifully with the traditions of Africa, creating a truly unique destination, when you book flights to Asmara with flydubai. Fly in comfort to the Eritrean capital when you book into one of our Economy or Business Class cabins. We have a range of fares available at a variety of times and dates, so you‘ll always find a travel option that works for you.

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Things to do

Visit the Opera House

Marvel at the beauty of Asmara’s Opera House, one of the city’s prize historic buildings. Built in the 1920s, it was once the central hub of theatre and art in the city, and now acts as a significant reminder of the period, with its architecture perfectly preserved to retain its original elegance. Enjoy a coffee in the café, before heading into the auditorium to admire the intricately-detailed ceiling.

Discover Independence Avenue


Feel the pulse of the city when you take a stroll along Independence Avenue, one of Asmara’s busiest streets. Soak up the views of the Art Deco architecture as you wander, before stopping off at one of the quaint coffee shops for a refreshing pit stop.

Explore the Great Mosque

With a looming minaret and large domed roof, the Great Mosque of Asmara stands out against the city skyline. Built in 1938, the mosque blends traditional and contemporary styles effortlessly. Peer up at the majesty of the three arches that frame the entrance, or take in the natural beauty of the green courtyard for a serene stroll.

A guide to Asmara


Experience the Horn of Africa when you book flights to the Eritrean capital of Asmara. This distinct destination is like nowhere else on the planet, with colonial Italian-style architecture combining with an authentic African attitude to create a unique city begging to be explored.

Visit the National Museum of Eritrea 

Dedicate an afternoon to discovering the National Museum of Eritrea. Head inside the former governor’s palace building and wander among a wide collection of paleontological artefacts to learn more about the deeply-rooted history of the region. Marvel at the prehistoric ancestor skulls, well-preserved animal taxidermy and excavated fossils.

The museum also showcases a range of national artwork, including a plethora of political paintings that will take you on a journey through the country’s turbulent journey to independence.

Discover the many religious monuments


Asmara is a diverse city that celebrates different religions through its many monuments. As well as the beautiful Great Mosque, the capital is also famous for its Orthodox Enda Mariam Church. Visitors are welcomed by two brick towers topped with resplendent red and white finishes. The understated rectangular brick building is illuminated by a bright red entrance and a large colourful mural.

Another religious monument to check off your must-see list is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. Built in 1923, the Catholic cathedral was constructed in traditional Italian style, with grand steps leading up to the entrance. The interior is even more spectacular. Walk down the aisle and take in the details of the red and white patterned interior and magnificent sky blue roof.

Explore the bustle of Central Market


Bursting with life, the vibrant Central Market is brimming with activity. It’s one of the best places to soak up the culture of Asmara and get a real feel for the city. Locals from across the region venture down to the market to sell and buy fresh home-grown ingredients every Saturday.

Bags of grains and spices line the stalls, while punnets of fresh fruit and vegetables brighten up the main street of Harnet Avenue, every product giving the market its authentic aroma. Stop off for a bite to eat and enjoy the thrum of market day.

Useful information


Before you leave for Eritrea, you should check with your local embassy to see what visa requirements are required to visit Asmara.


The national currency used in Asmara is Eritrean Nakfa. Frequently used banknotes include: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.


In Asmara, the most common languages spoken are Tigrigna, English and Arabic.


Asmara enjoys a pleasant climate year-round, with temperatures ranging from lows of 15°C in January to highs of 32°C in June. From July through to December, the climate stays in the high 20s.

Getting around

The best way to travel around Asmara is by taxi - make sure you agree on a price before committing to the service. If you’d prefer to drive, there are local car rental companies dotted around the city. It’s wise to note that conditions on the roads can worsen during certain weather conditions, so if you’re not confident, you may want to hire a driver.

Airport information

When visiting Asmara you’ll fly in and out of Asmara International Airport (ASM). The airport is close to the city, just 2 km away.

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