Trip to Addis Ababa

Flights to Addis Ababa

Take a trip off the beaten track when you book flights to Addis Ababa with flydubai. The capital city of Ethiopia is a diverse destination, where rural tradition and contemporary life exist effortlessly together at the foot of the Entoto Mountains.

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Things to do

Count the lions


The mighty lion is the symbol of Ethiopia and is a recurring theme around the city. You’ll find the original bronze Lion of Judah roaring atop a granite column outside La Gare train station. For a different take on the national icon, take a five-minute stroll five minutes up Churchill Road to marvel at its majestic stone lion monument. . Designed in the 1950s, it marries traditional African style with contemporary flair, standing guard outside the National Theatre.

Hit the market 

Step into a colourful world of chaotic happenings at Addis Mercato. This open-air market is the largest in Africa and the perfect place to pick up an authentic souvenir. Vibrant spices, rich coffee beans and traditional dresses are piled high on these ramshackle stalls, which are the heart and soul of the city today.

Climb Mount Entoto


Hike through the lush green eucalyptus forests of Mount Entoto and take a break from the urban hustle below. Enjoy leafy vistas over the hillside and breathe in the fresh mountain air while animals graze on the lofty farmlands and locals meander past, balancing heavy loads on their shoulders. Make sure to visit the modest Menelik Palace at the summit, once the Emperor’s rustic holiday home.

A guide to Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is an up-and-coming holiday destination in the Horn of Africa. In the city centre, you’ll find magnificent architecture, rich local coffee and a lively jazz scene to keep you entertained. Venture further afield and you’ll discover a world of natural beauty, where rocky mountains cast shadows over the peaceful landscape and wild creatures slink through the golden grasslands.

Visit religious buildings

This Ethiopian city is home to many faiths, a fact that is reflected in its eclectic array of religious landmarks. Start your tour at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, where statues of angels and crosses embellish the crown of the building. To the south of the city, admire the pure white columns and copper-topped domes of the Medhane Alem Cathedral, the second largest on the continent. You’ll also find an abundance of mosques in Addis Ababa. Across the land, towering minarets reach up to the heavens, embellishing the skyline with intricate patterns and rich colours.

Learn national history


You’ll find a museum to suit every mood in Addis Ababa, from the colourful tales of the animal kingdom at the Natural History Museum to the heart-wrenching stories of life under the Derg regime at the Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum. Perhaps the most famous exhibit in the city is the skeleton of Lucy, found at the National Museum of Ethiopia. Coming face-to-face with this human ancestor, estimated to be three million years old, is a humbling lesson in evolution.

Walk on the wild side


Beasts great and small roam Ethiopia and play an important role in the day-to-day life of Addis Ababa. Against the backdrop of contemporary glass buildings, herds of wild goats and donkeys ramble through the streets in pursuit of fresh places to graze. On the outskirts of the city, monkeys and hyenas cause mischief in the trees, while scores of pink-backed pelicans float peacefully across the nearby crater lakes. For the full safari experience, book a stay at one of the nation’s many National Parks, reached by car or internal flight.

Taste the local cuisine

Sink your teeth into the national menu, characterised by vibrant spices, tender meats and rich coffee beans. Pull up a chair at the colourful eateries in the bustling Piazza neighbourhood in the centre of the city and share a traditional dish of injera with your fellow travellers. Get hands on with this local favourite, tearing the soft flatbread to scoop up the spread of spiced sauces and dips. Round off your meal with a steaming cup of Ethiopian coffee, traditionally brewed in a Jebena pot and served black. These local beans are some of the best in the world, with incredible richness and depth of flavour.

Discover the surrounding area


Beyond the city, there’s a world of attractions in these sweeping lands. Hiring a car brings two particularly exciting sites within easy reach. Drive an hour and 20 minutes to the nearby town of Bishoftu and admire the sparkling, aqua crater lakes which lap against the foot of the nearby buildings. Tiya, a UNESCO world heritage site, is another pleasant day trip, less than two hours’ drive from the city. Ancient stones pepper this rural hilltop, decorated with mysterious symbols from long gone days.

Useful information


All travellers, with the exception of Dijbouti and Kenya residents, need a visa to enter Ethiopia. In most cases, you can apply online, or alternatively you may be able to arrange one on arrival. Contact your embassy for more specific information before flying to Addis Ababa.


The local currency is Ethiopian Birr (ETB). Frequently used notes are 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100.


In Addis Ababa, the locals speak mainly Amharic, but you’ll hear languages from all over the world as you walk through the streets. If you’re planning to pick up something from the Addis Mercato, it’s a nice idea to learn the basic phrases so you can thank the stall holders. If you need assistance from an English speaker at any time, head to a nearby restaurant or hotel.


This subtropical city has a temperate climate, making it a great destination all year round. The weather rarely changes throughout the year, with temperatures reaching highs of 27°C and lows of around 10°C. Between June and September, there is some rain and it can be quite cloudy, but the temperatures are still relatively pleasant.

Getting around

The easiest way to get around Addis Ababa is by hire car. If you’re planning to stay in the central area, you can also travel by taxi or bus. Just make sure you agree a taxi fare before you set off and allow some leeway on the bus timetable, as services tend to be rather sporadic in nature and rarely adhere to the timetable.

Airport information

On the south-east border of the city, just 15 minutes from the centre, you’ll find Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (ADD). To get to and from the airport, you’ll need to flag down a taxi. Inside the terminal building, you’ll find a selection of cafes and shops, as well as a currency exchange point, should you need to pick up some local currency.

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