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Visit the bustling urban pocket in the Horn of Africa when you book flights to Hargeisa with flydubai. We have a number of flights departing for the capital city of Somaliland every week, taking three hours and 30 minutes from Dubai International Airport (DXB).

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Things to do

Visit Jama Mosque

A pure white building with traditional minarets and sky-blue detailing, the central Jama Mosque is a resplendent religious hub in the city. Every Friday at noon, hundreds of locals descend here for prayers in unison. Non-muslims are not permitted to enter the mosque, but are welcome to observe this impressive weekly open-air ceremony.

Explore the caves of Las Geel


Venture out into the rural plains beyond the city and climb into the fascinating world of the decorated caves of Las Geel. Colouring the craggy cave walls with warm shades of red, brown and orange in an array of prehistoric images, these paintings are estimated to be between 3,000 and 9,000 years old. Depicting cows, humans and wild animals, this is a vivid visual insight into the lives of our ancient ancestors that is truly awe-inspiring.

See the Hargeisa War Memorial

A poignant reminder of the civil war which almost destroyed the city, the Hargeisa War Memorial features artistic murals of courageous locals defending their home city as the bombs rained down. The remains of a MiG-17 fighter plane from the enemy fleet, rested on the crest of the monument, brings these wartime illustrations to life. It’s a humbling reminder that even as the city bravely strives to reinvent and rebuild, it has faced some hardships in relatively recent times.

A guide to Hargeisa

The capital city of Somaliland, Hargeisa has liberation pumping through its veins. A self-declared country since the civil war of 1988 – though not officially recognised by the UN – this urban hub is determined to rise from the ashes of conflict. Walk down Independence Road, relax in Freedom Square and soak up the friendly atmosphere of this stripped-back destination.

Visit the markets

Juicy watermelons, handmade clothes or even a heard of goats - you can find almost anything in the markets of Hargeisa. Popping up on the streets under the shade of dusty parasols, there’s a ramshackle charm to these eclectic stalls. Pick up a souvenir from the Central Market, browsing electronics, perfume and handmade clothes, or head out of the city to the weekly Camel Market, and get up close and personal with the ships of the desert.

Explore the restaurant scene

Internet cafes are all the rage in Hargeisa, filled to the rafters with teenagers and young adults catching up on social media. In addition to these techno hangouts, the restaurant scene is friendly and relaxed. Popular eateries serve up Somali classics and Ethiopian favourites with a healthy serving of camel meat, all washed down with fresh juice and rich coffee. Many places offer outdoor seating so you can enjoy the city atmosphere while you dine.

Spot the local wildlife


Camels and goats are the most common sights in the centre of Hargeisa, but many other wild creatures roam through the surrounding rural landscape. Hyenas cause mischief in the rural shadows, starlings and kestrels soar through the sky, and gazelles bound through the prairies. You can join wildlife tours heading up into the Sheikh and Daallo mountains in the hope of coming face-to-face with these wild creatures.

Head to the beach

If you’re looking for a coastal break, the sandy beaches and underwater adventures of Berbera are just two and half hours’ drive away. Enjoy a couple of days in this waterfront destination, staying in one of the many beachfront hotels which enjoy scenic vistas out to the sea. Golden sands flecked with pearly-white shells sweep along the coast, and the glittering waters of the Gulf of Aden lap softly at the shore. Continue your adventures under the waves, snorkelling and diving with turtles, dolphins and other marine creatures in their natural habitat.

Useful information


Every tourist travelling to Somaliland must arrange a visa before they travel. Contact your local embassy for more information on the requirements, fees and application process.


The local currency is Somaliland Shillings but rapid inflation means that US Dollars (USD) are more commonly used. There are only a handful of ATMs in the city, so make sure to exchange some currency before you depart.


Hargeisa has three official languages - Somali, Arabic and English. Not everybody speaks English, but if you’re looking for help you’re never too far away from somebody who can help. Head to cafes or hotels to find an English-speaker.


Not far from the equator, the weather is mild all year round in this subtropical city with lows of 20°C and highs of 32°C from April to September. In the winter months, the drop in temperature is only minimal, with lows of 15°C and highs of 29°C. Expect some spring showers if you’re visiting in April, May or June, and autumn rain in October or November.

Getting around

Hail a taxi or jump on the local bus to tour the city of Hargeisa. If you’ve got somewhere to be, taxis are the most reliable option. Otherwise, the winding bus routes offer an exciting adventure. If you’d prefer to take the wheel, you can hire a car from a local company called Shaybe Car Hire.

Airport information

Hargeisa Egal International Airport (HGA) is just less than 20 minutes’ drive from the centre of the city, easily reached by taxi or hire car. Inside the compact terminal building, you’ll find a selection of cafes, gift shops and banking facilities, as well as prayer rooms and an exclusive VIP area.

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