Flight to Sudan

Sudan’s warm hospitality is a trait the country is widely known for. Blending Arab and African culture, the country is also where the Blue Nile and White Nile meet. Explore Sudan’s ancient history by taking a trip to Meroe, where you can marvel at the Meroe pyramids that once lay at the centre of the ancient Kingdom of Kush. For a taste of wildlife safari in Sudan, head South East of Khartoum to the Dinder National Park where you may be able to spot the Masai Lion, African leopard and Sudan cheetah.

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Souks, street food and Whirling Dervishes are just some of the exciting experiences that await you on a trip to Khartoum
Port Sudan
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With its clear blue seas and coral reef, Port Sudan offers some of the best scuba diving and seafood in the world

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