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Book a flight to Port Sudan with flydubai and find the fare, flight times and range of services to suit your travel style. Between taking off and touching down in the Red Sea city, you’ll be thoroughly taken care of by our friendly cabin crew.

There are plenty of reasons to fly to Port Sudan: temples, tasty treats, time-travelling culture. Whatever your purpose for heading to the port city, we’ll do all we can to give you a smooth and enjoyable journey there and back.


Economy doesn’t mean basic with us. Our Economy Class cabin is a bright and spacious space to dine, get lost in a movie or watch the clouds go by to music. If you’re flying to Port Sudan for work, enjoy a superior service as one of our Business Class travellers. You’ll have the comfiest seat in the house, with a flat-bed option for sleeping and your very own member of crew on hand to cater to your every need.

Any discerning traveller knows how important it is to stay entertained and comfortable, especially on long-haul journeys. With that in mind, we’ve packed entertainment galore into our aircraft: hundreds of movies, TV shows, music and games are right in front of you to pick and choose from. You don’t need any online downtime either - log into our award-winning WiFi and surf the web, send emails or update your friends and family on your Sudan trip.

Things to do

Meet the marine life


Port Sudan is renowned for astonishing aquaculture. If you only go to one place to experience it, make it Sanganeb National Park. The coral-based wonder boasts World Heritage status, due to its unique ecosystem and some of the best coral reefs in the world. The Sanganeb is a sprawling 26,000 hectares of underwater landscapes, home to turtles, dolphins, manta rays, sharks (including hammerheads), and an array of exotic fish.

Fall in love with time-warp temples

Historic and mysterious, the Sesibi Temple makes time travel possible. Imagine the glory days of the Egyptian era in Sudan as you take in the temple’s remains, which give a clear view of the city’s former glory. The Temple of Sedeinga is another genuine treat for history buffs. Dedicated to Queen Tiye (the royal wife of Amenhotep III), the archaeological site has unearthed some important finds, including the first representation of Egyptian goddess Maat with African characteristics.

Shop your way around Sudan


Port Sudan is a shopper’s paradise. From tribal treasures to miniature models of iconic city spots and aromatic hand-ground coffee, you’ll find a souvenir for every family member, friend or workmate among countless shops in the Red Sea State. In the National Park you’ll find cleverly crafted pottery and even more unique keepsakes.

A guide to Port Sudan


It’s the water creatures who will mostly thrive in Port Sudan, with its magical untouched coral reefs and Red Sea sunsets. But exploring this unique port city on foot is just as beautiful: hop from cafe to cafe, discover important historic sights and immerse yourself in the culture, shopping and cuisine of Sudan’s Red Sea State capital.

Snorkel, dive and sail Red Sea glory


Visit Port Sudan at any time of the year and you’ll fall head over heels for its gorgeous waters. Swim and snorkel in impossibly clear coves - the city’s aquamarine waters are so crystal clear you’ll barely want to set foot on land. Diving in the Red Sea is a bucket list experience you’ll be telling friends about for years to come. Countless diving groups can be found around the centre - be sure to do your research before and find a reputable, expert diver to book for a session. If you’d rather stay on water than under it, book a boat tour for an easy breezy glide across the Red Sea ripples.

The freshest of fresh fare 

Port Sudan’s waters aren’t just brilliant for exploring. The city has a thriving fishing industry and a trip to the bustling fish market is an adventure in itself. You’ll land some perfect photo opportunities: locals scaling and skinning their prize catches with dexterous precision. Closeby, dive into the Sea Side Restaurant & Coffee Shop for fresher-than-fresh grouper fish (nagil) and fluffy rice. The sea views are free.

Experience nightlife in Port Sudan


Perhaps a lesser known fact about this historic port city - Port Sudan is brilliant after dark. As the sun goes down, locals and tourists alike take to the city for a fun evening out. Where else in the world can you dance like an Egyptian under the moonlight, and all with an exclusive Sudanese feel?

Useful information


Everyone except Egyptian citizens need a visa to enter Sudan. These are available on arrival for most travellers, assuming you have an entry permit - local tour operators and some hotels can arrange this. Check with your appropriate embassy for full visa regulations according to your nationality.


The currency in Port Sudan is the Sudanese pound (SDG). The Red Sea State capital uses a range of notes in the following denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20.


The official languages of Sudan - and those spoken in Port Sudan - are Arabic and English. You’ll mainly hear Sudanese locals speaking Arabic on your visit.


Expect a tropical climate in Port Sudan. Due to its location in northern Africa, the desert-heavy zones can exceed temperatures of 43°C between July and September. The heat will drop to around 20°C between January and March.

Getting around

Explore Port Sudan via taxis, buses and rickshaws. The latter are most popular as they’re relatively cheap, widely available and will drop you off at your exact destination directly.

Airport information

flydubai’s fleet operate regular flights in and out of Port Sudan New International Airport (PZU), located around 40 km south of the city centre.

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