Travel to Sudan

Book a flight to Sudan and delve into the history of this part of ancient North Africa. From the warm hospitality of its people to the treasures of its past, explore this captivating corner of the world for a travel experience like no other.

flydubai operates direct flights to both Khartoum and Port Sudan, giving you flexibility when planning your trip. The bustling capital Khartoum is the largest city in the country and is rich with authentic Sudanese culture. Explore the shores of this African metropolis and head to the riverside to see part of the longest river in the world. If you’re looking for natural beauty, make for Port Sudan, home to the most beautiful beaches in the country and spectacular diving opportunities in the Red Sea.

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Things to do

Uncover Sudan’s royal past


Head out to the desert and discover the tombs of ancient kings and queens. The Meroe Pyramids make up one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the world, with nearly 200 structures to explore. Thousands of years old and steeped in fascinating history, step into the lost world of an ancient Sudanese kingdom.

Discover wreck diving


Port Sudan’s pocket of Red Sea is an underwater treasure trove for wreck diving. Dare to dive beneath the surface and you’ll be rewarded with the eerie beauty of the great Umbria ship. The vessel has been left untouched on the seabed since it sunk in 1940, now it plays host to a world of vibrant sea life, creating an otherworldly diving experience.

Explore ancient architecture


Dating back to 14th Century BC, Soleb Temple provides an intriguing glimpse into the past of this country. Nestled next to the Nile, this sandstone temple is one of Sudan’s oldest and most striking historical sites. Walk among the ruins and see the elaborate carvings that still feature on the columns of this stunning structure.

A guide to Sudan

Fly to Sudan and immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty and historical significance. Home to one of the world’s most famous rivers, this country is abuzz with hospitable locals, fascinating wildlife and a vibrant culture.


Delve into history

Sudan’s link to ancient civilisations can be seen throughout the country. Exciting archaeological sites like those on Sai Island and the well-preserved Temple of Naqa offer just a taste of the country’s history. Exploring these jewels of Sudan’s past should definitely be high up on your itinerary.

Be dazzled by natural beauty

If you’ve always dreamt of safari with exotic wildlife and spectacular scenery, Sudan is the destination for you. Head to the eastern border where Sudan meets Ethiopia to witness some of the country’s best wildlife at the Rahad Game Reserve and Dinder National Park. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of African nature. Take in the astonishing landscapes and witness breath-taking native animals at safe distance, from big cats to elephants and zebras.

Experience the Nile

For thousands of years the River Nile has been the heart of this country. Experience the power of this world-famous natural phenomenon, and feel the rush of the water beneath you as you take to the river on a luxury cruise. Just settle in and watch the beauty of Sudan sail by.

Useful information


Before you embark on an adventure to Sudan, get in touch with your embassy to ensure you get the correct visa. Note: if your passport has an Israeli visa or an Israeli entry or exit stamp, you will not be allowed to enter Sudan.


While in Sudan, you will use the country’s currency – the Sudanese pound. Frequently used notes include: 1, 5, 10, and 20 pounds.


Both Arabic and English are the official national languages of Sudan, although Arabic is the most widely spoken.


Expect a warm tropical climate year round in Sudan. Temperatures only fall to around 18°C in winter and, although humidity is generally low. The heat can exceed 43°C throughout summer.

Getting around

Sudan has an excellent road network that links the majority of the country’s cities and towns. So if you want to branch out alone, hire a car and set out on your adventure. Bus services are fast and comfortable, but don’t usually work to an official time - we recommend buying a ticket the day before you plan to travel.

Airport information

flydubai operates from both Khartoum International Airport (KRT) and Port Sudan New International Airport (PZU).

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