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Book a flight to Tbilisi and be swept away by this colourful destination. This capital city is the perfect setting to start your Georgian adventure.

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Things to do

Uncover the old town


Head to the old town and take in the architectural beauty of this area. The enchantingly winding streets may be narrow - but they’re packed with history and character. Wander the walkways and take in your unique surroundings, marvelling at the contrasts of old and new as you go.

Bathe in history

Enjoy a trip to the Abanotubani and find Tbilisi’s most relaxing destination. Let the hot waters in this ancient district soothe you as you enjoy natural hot baths in a gorgeous setting. A pleasant way to spend an afternoon after a morning of sightseeing – just soak up the atmosphere, sit back and unwind.

Find the fortress


Head up to the mountains and make the Narikala Fortress your destination for the day. Standing proud against the Tbilisi skyline, this ancient building will provide you with the very best view of the city and surrounding landscape for miles around.

A guide to Tbilisi

The Georgian capital city is one up and coming destination you’ll definitely want to put on your travel list. Brimming with history, ancient beauty and undeniable character, there’s so much to explore. Fly to Tbilisi and let this vibrant city charm and intrigue you.

Uncover the culture


A crossroads for the Silk Road and the point where the Arab, Ottoman, Mongol and Russian cultures once met, each of these powerful empires have left their own individual mark on this city. Discover them yourself and wander through Abanotubani to see the clear influences of central Asian design. Head to the landmark of the Metekhi Church for a taste of Georgian Orthodox architecture or visit the ruins of the Shahtakhti Fortress which once housed an ancient Arab observatory.

Soak up art

Sitting at the point where the East meets the West, Tbilisi was always set to have a rich and vibrant art scene. Tbilisi takes a completely unique stance when it comes to appreciating art, you can literally find fine works as you wander the streets. Café Gallery and Art-Café Home feature art hanging from the walls for you to take in as you enjoy a coffee. For something you can get involved in, head to the Centre of Contemporary Art where artists and art lovers collaborate to produce beautiful creations.

Uncover food culture


Georgian food has long been a draw for the country, and the capital city Tbilisi has quickly become a foodie’s playground. The cafes and restaurants in Tbilisi are well-known for their fabulous food on offer. Head to the Gardenia for a fairy-tale style outdoor setting where delicious fresh coffee is served. For something a bit edgier, go to Factory 27 where you’ll find the cool crowd and delicious fresh soups and salads. No trip to Tbilisi would be complete without trying the local cuisine. Explore the old town and stop off at Samikitno where you’ll find authentic Georgian food.

Trek Georgia


Nestled in a valley and tucked between the North and South Caucasus Mountains, Tbilisi is perfectly placed to bring out the outdoor adventurer in you. Use the city as a starting point to discover the beautiful terrain of this country. Spend some time exploring the Tblisi National Park for awe inspiring landscapes and visit the historical town of Mtskheta. Head further afield to trek the Caucasian Mountains, with their soaring snow-capped peaks. Whilst in the mountains go north and spend your days traversing the lush green landscapes of Tusheti National Park.

Useful information


Before you embark on an adventure to Tbilisi, check with your embassy about what visa documentation you’ll need. It’ll depend on your home country.


Whilst in Georgia you will use the country’s national currency – the Georgian Lari (GEL). Frequently used notes include: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 Lari.


Georgian is the official national language of Georgia. English and Russian are also widely spoken.


Temperatures will vary in Tbilisi depending on when you visit. Highs of 32°C will be reached between July and September and lows of -1°C should be expected between January and March.

Getting around

Getting around in Tbilisi is easy and metro, bus, taxi and minibus’ are readily available to help you get to your destination. You can also hire a car if you wish to head out and explore yourself.

Airport information

When you book a flight to Tbilisi, you’ll arrive and depart from Tbilisi International Airport (TAV). The airport is located just 18km east of the city centre.

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