Tbilisi to Jeddah flights

Tbilisi to Jeddah flights

Book a flight to Jeddah from Tbilisi and we’ll take you to Saudi Arabia’s buzzing hub in comfort.

We make sure we offer more than enough flights for you to be flexible. From Tbilisi to Jeddah we fly every day of the week. The duration of your flight starts at 11 hours and 35 minutes with a stop in Dubai.

Whether you’re flying to Jeddah for beach-based relaxation or a solid stint of business, you can guarantee there’ll be a fare, flight and range of services to suit. Flights from Tbilisi to Jeddah can take less than 12 hours, but there’s plenty onboard to keep you busy on your journey.

Our seating has been tested for its ergonomic comfort, which means it’s great for a snooze. When you’re not napping, keep your brain engaged with your own personal touchscreen - it’s packed with movies, games, TV shows, and music to help you pass the time.

Jeddah’s food is great - but ours is just as delicious. Pre-order from our inflight menu and tuck into dishes from all over the world. Start the day right with a belly-filling breakfast or wind down with a delicious supper. There is also an endless amount of snacks onboard to choose from.

Tbilisi to Jeddah

  • Choose from up to eight flights a day, seven days a week from Tbilisi to Jeddah
  • You’ll fly over Azerbaijan, Iran and the Arabian Gulf before touching down in Dubai. From there, you’ll head over Saudi Arabia before touching down in Jeddah
  • The duration of this journey will vary depending on the flight you choose. The flight durations start at 11 hours 35 minutes up to 23 hours and 25 minutes
  • Also, search and book flights from Jeddah to Tbilisi

Your journey from Tbilisi to Jeddah

Business class - Tbilisi to Jeddah

The first leg of your journey is getting to Tbilisi International Airport (TBS), which is 18km east of the city centre. Keep your travel plans simple by using our online check-in between 48 hours and 90 minutes prior to take-off. Of course, you can also check-in at one of our counters once you reach Tbilisi’s terminal.

Next, drop off your bags then head on through security. There’s plenty to keep you occupied in departures - savour a coffee, grab a juicy burger or wander round the duty-free aisles while you wait for your flight. If you prefer priority boarding, take a look at our Business Class fares for more luxurious details.

We’ll fly you to King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED), which is an easy 20-minute drive from the city centre. On arrival, you’ll find a handy taxi stand outside the terminal building. If you want to explore on your own four wheels, you can always hire a car with us.

Discover Jeddah

Whether it’s your first visit or your fifth, it’s still the classics - King Fahd’s Fountain, Al-Balad, Jeddah Corniche - that fascinate beginners and seasoned travellers in this Saudi Arabian port city. Start your sightseeing gently with a stroll down the famous promenade, before diving into deep Red Sea adventures. With incredible, untouched coral reefs and a spectrum of coloured fish to see, this underwater world is thrumming with intriguing wildlife. Back on dry land, the keen-eyed will always find something in the city’s bustling souks, but these markets are as much about chatting with lively locals as they are spotting treasures.

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