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Book a flight to Ashgabat with flydubai and un-tap the best of Turkmenistan. This one-of-a-kind destination, awash with grand white facades, is one smooth journey away. Our regular services run to and from the vibrant capital city from airports across the world.

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Things to do

Enter a bazaar world


Bartering for bargains is all part of the joy at Tolkuchka Bazaar - a heady complex of haggling and colour in the desert suburbs of Ashgabat. You’ll find all kinds of treasures, foods and souvenirs to return home with, from superbly crafted carpets to gorgeously embroidered silks. Expect to bump into a camel or two as you pass through the streets - there’s a whole market devoted to them here.

Marvel at the marble

Ashgabat is world renowned for its high density of white marble-clad buildings – a staggering 500 to be precise. Ornate gold, green and white architecture gleams out from the sandy mountains that serve as a perfectly contrasting backdrop. Everything down to the street lamps and bus stops here are gilded, bathing the city in a grandeur that’s hard to match anywhere in the world. Make sure to visit some of the more iconic buildings across the city, including the teardrop-shaped five-star Yyldyz Hotel, the book-shaped Education Ministry, and the Central Bank, complete with its gigantic golden nugget on the facade.

Explore the tastes of Turkmenistan


Let your stomach guide you through the streets of Ashgabat and you’ll come across a tantalising array of traditional cuisine. In-the-know locals line up at bazaar stalls for a hearty meal of authentic Turkmen round bread (churek) dunked into homely soup or broth. Whether you’re craving juicy kebabs in a backstreet eatery or perfectly baked pizza in a hip cafe, Ashgabat serves up fare for all foodies. Try something completely different on every day of your trip.

A guide to Ashgabat


Lose yourself in a world washed in white marble as you explore Turkmenistan’s truly unique capital city. Sample authentic Turkmen dishes, marvel at magnificent sculptures and watch on as the locals swap camels for cash. Take some time to discover Ashgabat’s long and storied past, and visit the many fascinating museums that eloquently paint a picture of the city through the centuries.

See the surreal sights


You won’t go far without spotting an eye-catching feat of architecture in Ashgabat. Most unusual is arguably The Wedding Palace - a huge civil building topped with a dazzling disco-style globe in its own Turkmen star-shaped cage. If you want to tie the knot in Turkmenistan, this is the place to do it. Another unmissable monument is the Arch of Neutrality, built by President Saparmurat Niyazov in 1998. See if you can spot the gold statue of Niyazov himself perched high above the arch. At one point, the polished presidential sculpture even rotated throughout the day to follow the path of the sun across the sky.


Uncover the city’s history 

Discover the long and winding history and culture of this fascinating city in the National Museum. It houses over 500,000 exhibits in the form of ancient art, sculptures, carpets, instruments, weapons, vases, fossils and historical documents, each telling its own story of the city. One of the world’s tallest flagpoles can be seen here - so you can tick that off your ‘unusual record-breaking sights’ list too. The Earthquake Museum provides a more sombre experience - a moving memorial to the victims of the devastating natural disaster that struck Turkmenistan’s capital in 1948.

Immerse yourself in Turkmen craft


Browsing bazaar stalls is a jaw-dropping experience, admiring the dazzlingly intricate designs and embroidered beauty of Turkmen clothing and jewellery. Another place to see ancient local crafts up close is the CarpetMuseum, where you can set your eyes on the largest hand-woven rug ever made.

Useful information


You may need a visa to enter Ashgabat, depending on your country of origin and purpose of your visit. You may also need a letter of invitation, certified by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan. Find out the visa requirements with your embassy before departure.


You’ll be paying with Turkmenistani Manat (TMT) in Ashgabat. Always carry cash, as there are limited ATMs in the capital and all of them charge for each transaction.


The official language of Turkmenistan is Turkmen and you’ll mainly hear this during your stay in Ashgabat. You may also overhear some conversations in Russian - the language is spoken by around 12% of the population.


Since Ashgabat is located far from the ocean, summers are long, hot and dry in this desert-based city. Winter is generally mild and you’ll experience an increase in rainfall if you visit Ashgabat between January and May.

Getting around

Stick out your arm in Ashgabat and chances are a taxi will show up in no time at all. Other than cabs, your best option of getting around the city is via bus, which are frequent and very cheap to hop on.

Airport information

Ashgabat International Airport (formerly known as Saparmurat Turkmenbashi International Airport) is around 10 km north-west of the city centre. Metered taxis are available on arrival to take you into the city.

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