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Fly to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Book a flight to Bosnia and Herzegovina and discover a country of stunning scenery, welcoming locals and intriguing history.

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Things to do

Uncover beautiful architecture


Influenced by a blend of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian history, this beautiful destination’s rich past continues to live and breathe in its amazing architecture. Take the time to explore the capital city, Sarajevo, to take in its Ottoman heritage.

Wander through waterfalls


Witness the wonder of the waterfalls in this country by visiting Strbacki Buk – an awe-inspiring 20m-high waterfall. You can also relax and bathe in cooling waters when you head to the beautiful cascades of the Kravice waterfalls, described by many visitors as a ‘mini Niagara’.

Begin an outdoor adventure


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s incredible landscapes are the perfect setting for adventure. Get your adrenaline pumping by going rafting on the Neretva River, or try kitesurfing and fishing on the nearby lakes.

A guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sitting right in the centre of the Balkan peninsula, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the perfect place to explore. Trek up the highest peak in the country, Maglic, in the Pljesevica Range, and if you dare to look down, you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing views of the famous heart-shaped lake below. Venture to the mountains of Jahorina or Bjelasnica, both of which played host to the Winter Olympics. Wherever you choose to hike in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can bank on beautiful scenery and stunning vistas in every direction.

Museum marvels

With such a rich and vibrant history, it’s no surprise that Bosnia and Herzegovina museums are packed with exciting things to see. Head to the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum and walk through the tunnel which led citizens underground and out of the country during the Bosnian War. Or go further back in history at the National Museum.

Stunning cities


No trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina is complete without heading to the vibrant capital, Sarajevo. Head to the Bascarsija section for awe-inspiring buildings and monuments. Once you’ve explored everything Sarajevo has to offer, head to Mostar, and visit the world-famous Stari Most bridge.

Coffee culture

An integral part of local life, the country is famed for its rich and inviting coffee culture. Thick, strong and often served in a tall copper cup with a Turkish delight, the coffee served in cafes in Sarajevo’s Turkish quarter will always provide a unique drinking experience. For something quirky that delivers a glimpse into Yugoslavian history, head to Café Tito. Or for a taste of the authentic, visit the old town and Kuca Sevdaha to find a traditional menu.

Natural landmarks


Uncover the eye-catching beauty of this stunning country and explore the natural landmarks of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Head southwest of Sarajevo and you’ll end up in the beautiful Vrelo Bosne, where you’ll find crystal clear springs that start the River Bosna. Visit Sutjeska National Park for beautiful scenery, thrilling treks and panoramic views of this impressive landscape.

Useful information


Before you venture to Bosnia and Herzegovina, check with your embassy about the visa documentation you’ll need.


Whilst in Bosnia and Herzegovina you’ll use the local currency – the Bosnian Convertible Marka (BAM). Frequently used notes include: KM10, KM20, KM50, KM100, KM200


Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian are common languages spoken through Bosnia and Herzegovina, although English is widely spoken in the cities.


Expect seasonal weather when visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, with highs of 28˚C between July and September, with temperatures dropping to around -2˚C in January and March.

Getting around

Taxis are readily available in any of the cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and buses run regularly between towns. Make the most of the scenic winding roads in this country and hire a car to explore it all yourself.

Airport information

When you book a flight to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you’ll touch down in Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ).

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