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Fly to Sarajevo

Tick Bosnia and Herzegovina off your bucket list this year when you book a flight to Sarajevo, the country’s flourishing capital. Historic buildings and cosmopolitan ambition mingle to create a charming city that’s well worth a visit. We operate flights to Sarajevo from locations all over the globe. Choose between an Economy or Business Class seat and fly to the capital city in affordable luxury.

We operate flights to Sarajevo from locations all over the globe. Choose between an Economy or Business Class seat and fly to the capital city in affordable luxury.

Our fleet of Boeing 737-800s are equipped with all the gadgets you would expect from an award-winning airline. Every seat has its own personal touchscreen, packed with movies, TV shows, music, and games to help your journey to Sarajevo whizz by. Super-fast onboard WiFi is part and parcel too, helping you stay connected even when you’re thousands of feet in the air.

We’ll also keep you feeling satisfied and content on your flight to Bosnia and Herzegovina, when you pre-order a meal from our globally-inspired menu. With cuisines influenced by countries all over the world, you can take your taste buds on a gastronomic adventure before you even begin your holiday. Plus, with snacks and beverages to buy, you’ll have lots of choice on your way to Sarajevo.

Things to do

Explore Bascarsija


Delve into the heart of Sarajevo’s old town at Bascarsija, the city’s 15th-century Ottoman marketplace. Stroll the winding stone streets and be dazzled by coppersmith alleys, bursting with trinkets to take home with you.

Experience the Tunnel Museum


The museums in Sarajevo are well worth a visit and a large chunk of Sarajevo’s recent history is hidden underground. During the siege of the 90s, an 800m hand-dug tunnel ran beneath the city’s airport runway acting as a vital supply line for the capital. At the Tunnel Museum, you can walk through a small section of it and catch a glimpse into Sarajevo’s intriguing past.

Tuck into cevapi


Sampling the country’s national dish, cevapi, is a must at the restaurants in Sarajevo. The delicious minced beef sausage-style kebab, served with pitta bread and onions, can be found all over the city – perfect for a cheap and cheerful pick-me-up.

A guide to Sarajevo


It’s easy to get swept up in the charm of this city. Sarajevo’s mosques, magical minarets and red-roofed houses all jostle for your attention in the capital. Flanked by the Dinaric Alps and with the Miljacka River weaving its way through the city centre, Sarajevo has a fairy tale feel about it.

Go back in time

Sarajevo has become one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. But its past is still etched into its architecture and landmarks. The beautiful Sarajevo City Hall is the perfect starting point for exploring the capital’s history. Marvel at its beauty before heading inside to enjoy its brilliant ‘Sarajevo 1912-1981’ exhibition. Further down the river you’ll find the Latin Bridge and Museum – here you can stand on the spot where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was famously assassinated in 1914, triggering the First World War. Don’t miss the National Museum off your itinerary either. Housed in a stunning neoclassical nest of buildings, the museum boasts the country’s biggest collection of ancient and national history.

Indulge in art and culture


Awash with beautiful architecture, there are so many things to do in Sarajevo – wander the streets and spot the neo-gothic Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart, admire Rimski Most, a gorgeous Roman bridge, and gawp at the city’s impressive 16th-century Old Clock Tower. Back indoors, Ars Aevi plays host to a fascinating collection of contemporary art. What makes this exhibit so special is that most of the pieces were donated to the country following the conflict of the 90s. After a day of sightseeing, book tickets for the grand National Theatre and enjoy a play, ballet or opera performance – you’re in for an evening you’ll never forget.

Venture into the great outdoors


Sarajevo’s parks boast spectacular natural beauty in abundance. For a taste of it, head to Vrelo Bosne a sprawling park just outside of the city. Swans, waterfalls, mini islands, and lakes have been blended together to create a serene green oasis - stroll among the lush grounds and enjoy a picnic among the trees. For the best views of the city, stop off at Zuta Tabija. The historic yellow brick rampart offers panoramic vistas of the red-roofed capital – just don’t forget your camera.

Indulge in traditional cuisine 

Cafe culture is thriving in Sarajevo, thanks to the country’s predilection for coffee. Enjoy it in traditional style in a dzezve (copper pot) and accompanied with a cube of Turkish delight. Coffee aside, there’s an eclectic range of local specialties to try while in the city. From seriously tasty fresh burek (a meat-stuffed pastry) to steaming bowls of veal stew, you’re bound to experience a blend of Balkans, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman flavours.

Useful information


Whether you will need a visa or not will depend on your country of origin, length of stay and reason for visiting. Contact your embassy for more information about visa requirements before you fly to Sarajevo.


Throughout your trip to Sarajevo you’ll use the Bosnian Convertible Marka (BAM). Frequently used notes include: KM1, KM2, KM5, KM10, KM20 and KM50.


Several different languages are spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.


The climate varies season to season in Sarajevo. From November to March, temperatures tend to drop to 0°C or lower. It begins to warm up in spring, eventually reaching average highs of 26°C in July.

Getting around

Navigating your way through Sarajevo is made easy by the multiple transport options on offer. You can hire a car and explore the city for yourself or hop in and out of taxis. Trams and buses in Sarajevo are plentiful too, with stops located handily all over the capital.

Airport information

You’ll fly in and out of Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ), which is located south-west of the city centre, only a short 20 minute journey away.

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