Flights to Skopje

Flights to Skopje

Step into the picture-perfect world of ‘the city of statues’, when you book flights to Skopje with flydubai. Built on the banks of the meandering Vardar River, the capital city of North Macedonia is dressed to impress, with grandiose monuments, ornate bridges and splendid Grecian architecture at every turn. Look beyond the polished waterfront however, and it’s the charming old town streets that win your heart.

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Things to do

Dig into the history of North Macedonia


Gleaming on the banks of the River Vadar, the Archaeological Museum is a sight to behold with its towering pillars, smooth domes and high-flying flags. Inside this palatial structure, you’ll find treasures of the Byzantine Empire, ancient skulls and hundreds of other relics, offering a captivating insight into the diverse history of this Slavic land.

Socialise in the square


Stretching over 18,000 square metres, Plostad Makedonija is an atmospheric square in the midst of the urban sprawl. Restaurants and cafes border the area, welcoming visitors and locals alike to enjoy a cup of rich coffee and admire the colossal monument of Alexander the Great which stands proudly in the centre.

See the city from new heights

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Give your feet a break and soar up Vodno Mountain in a cable car. Offering panoramic views over the lush hillside forests and the city far below, these glass bubbles are among the most scenic ways to travel. At the summit, admire the towering Millennium Cross – a celebration of Christianity built in 2002 – and perhaps visit the onsite café.

A guide to Skopje

Inspired by the cultures, flavours and styles of its neighbours, Skopje is a city of many parts. Found at the foot of Vodno Mountain, a trip to Skopje offers a unique mix of old town charm, riverside grandeur and natural beauty – all washed down with a steaming cup of rich, Turkish coffee.

Count the statues


With monuments and statues embellishing every square, bridge and street corner, Skopje is a city which depicts a thousand stories. Nicknamed ‘the city of statues’, you’ll be amazed by the sheer number of bronze figures and stone silhouettes which adorn the urban landscape. Dreamt up by the government as a way to attract tourists, this bizarre transformation happened fairly recently, with the project beginning 2014. From divers jumping into the Vardar River to the warrior king Alexander the Great standing proudly with his fist in the air, you can easily while away the hours touring these curious instalments.

Experience old Skopje

From the polished central district to the rustic back streets, the Old Bazaar keeps the heritage of Skopje alive. You won’t find extravagant statues in this humble maze. Here, tradition rules the roost with small shops, stalls and cafes lining the higgledy stone streets. Make sure you visit the Sveti Spas Church while you’re in the area. Built in the 14th Century using dark wood, this historic site has an understated beauty.

Walk on water


As the capital city of a landlocked country, Skopje takes great pride in its waterfront location. Ornate bridges transform every crossing into an occasion. Perhaps most famous is the arched Stone Bridge, built in the 14th century. Just five minutes’ walk downstream you’ll find The Bridge of Civilisations and the Eye Bridge which are adorned with splashing fountains, elegant street lights and the city’s trademark statues.

Stroll through the parks


In Skopje, majestic man-made structures and wild, natural beauty exist in close quarters. The central City Park weaves around lakes and canals, blooming with greenery in the summer and turning into a rich spectrum of oranges, reds and yellows during the autumn months. Keep the kids entertained with a trip to the playground and the nearby Skopje Zoo. Further south, Park Woman Warrior – also known as Zena Borec Park - is another leafy oasis. Centred on a towering golden monument atop a Greek-style temple, this is another must-see during your stay.

Useful information


Visa requirements depend entirely on where you’re coming from. Visitors from European Union countries can enter Skopje without a visa, whereas other nations have to apply in advance and wait for approval. For specific information, speak to your embassy.


The local currency is the denar (MKD). Frequently used notes are 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 2,000.


In Skopje, the locals speak Macedonian but you’ll usually be able to find English speakers in restaurants and hotels. If you’re planning to continue your adventure into the more rural parts of North Macedonia, it’s a good idea to pack a phrase book.


Skopje enjoys sunshine and blue skies over an extended summer period stretching from May to September with highs of 33°C. The rainiest months of the year are October and November, with this often turning to snowfall during December. During the winter months, temperatures range from 0 to 14°C.

Getting around

Skopje is a pleasant city to walk around, with spacious avenues and pedestrian bridges making for a pleasant experience. There’s also an extensive bus network which runs in the city and out into the suburbs, and a constant stream of taxis. If you’d like the freedom of your own vehicle, you can hire a car with us. Central parking zones have a two hour limit to keep the traffic moving, but you can easily find unlimited spots on the outskirts of the centre.

Airport information

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP) is around ten miles from the city centre, taking roughly half an hour by car or taxi. There is also a regular schedule of buses running to and from the airport.

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