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Perched on the west bank of the Volga River, Kazan is often called Russia’s third city. With a cutting-edge culinary scene and ancient attractions in its heart, it’s the ideal city to experience Tatar history and hospitality. Discover a city with more than 1,000 years of history when you visit with flydubai.

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Things to do

Stunning architecture

Walk through the fairytale white clock-tower of the Kazan Kremlin and discover the only remaining Tatar fortress. This UNESCO world heritage site steeped in royal history holds legends of Princesses and resilience against Ivan the Terrible. Admire the domed interior of the Kul-Sharif Mosque where intricate blue, white, and gold patterns snake around every wall.

Experience Kazan’s culture


During the summer months, experience a season of festivals across the city. Visitors in August can enjoy the stunning opera festival, which attracts world-class performers. People from all over the Volga flock to Kazan for Sabantuy in June, when a festive atmosphere breaks out across the city. Watch traditional wrestling, folk dances, and even join in with some of the fun and games such as sack racing and climbing slippery poles.

Marvel at religious architecture

On the outskirts of Kazan visit the Temple of All Religions. This multi-coloured building is a mash up of domes, spires, and stained glass windows. It looks like something out of a children’s storybook and stands as a symbol of religious unity and harmony.

You can also find peace at the Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery. Nestled in the woodland of a national park, this 17th century monastery is a cluster of white buildings, golden domes, and peaceful cloisters. Wander between the buildings and take in views of the tranquil lake.

A guide to Kazan

Kazan is one of Europe’s great melting pots, mirroring Istanbul in the way its influences are drawn from its neighbours to both the east and west. Amazing architecture, art and an excellent food scene make it a must-visit.

Take a culinary tour

Tuck into Tatar cuisine, which has roots in nomadic culture. Hearty pies and stuffed bread precede honey-drizzled desserts. The restaurant at Tatarskaya Usadba serves all the staples of Tatar cuisine under a canopy of fairy lights. Dom Chaya serves good food Soviet canteen style, where those in a hurry can grab a quick warming soup or flaky pastry.

Shopping in Kazan

What better way to enjoy your trip to Kazan than with some fantastic retail therapy to relax? The world’s biggest brands congregate in Kazan, making for the ideal place to shop for high-end items. Suvar Plaza is the place to go for fashion-forward individuals, particularly if you’re in the market for a pricey pair of shoes.

Alternatively, head to The Korston Hotel and Mall, open 24 hours and home to luxury brands. Shop for the latest designer items, homeware and crockery in one of Kazan’s prime shopping areas. It’s also worth visiting Alafuzovskaya Factory, a former industrial plot which now hosts flea markets, perfect for bargain hunters.

Useful information


Check with your embassy about visa requirements before your flight to Kazan.


While in Kazan, you’ll use the Russian Rouble. Commonly used banknotes include the ₽50, ₽100, ₽500 and ₽5,000.


The official language in Kazan is Russian, which is widely spoken in the city. The secondary language, Tatar, is spoken on a much smaller scale.


Kazan has a widely varying climate throughout the year. The winters in the city are both long and cold, while the summer months can be dry and warm. Temperatures throughout the year will vary from a high of about 25°C in July to a low of around -14°C in January and February.

Getting around

Kazan has a fantastic transport to allow for exploration of the city. Wherever you’re looking to get to, there are affordable taxis, regular buses, trams, and even a metro system to get you from one place to another.. Alternatively, hire a car with flydubai if you want to explore the city on your own.

Airport information

You’ll arrive at and depart from Kazan International Airport for your visit to the city. To get to and from the city, either hire a car, book a taxi or catch one of the local trains or buses.

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