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Flights to Samara

Discover a city sporting a hip modern vibe with a hint of artistic flair when you book flights to Samara with flydubai. We offer numerous flights to the Russian city every week from destinations across the flydubai network, so you’re sure to find a fare that suits your needs, whether you book Business or Economy Class.

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Things to do

Explore Kuibyshev Square

Explore the beautiful Kuibyshev Square, wandering through its maze of formal stone buildings and exploring the outdoor communal space, sure to be filled with friendly locals. Regular festivals and events take place in the square year round, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the Samara culture. The main focal point of the square is a statue dedicated to the famous revolutionary, V.V. Kuibyshev, which stands proudly outside the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The Space Centre


Explore Samara’s momentous history as part of the global space race with a visit to one of Russia’s engineering centres, the Progress Rocket Space Centre. Wander the exhibits of the museum on the ground floor and get up close with real life space exploration. Shuttles, spacesuits, astronaut food, and rocket engines sit proudly among this fascinating archive. Kids will love the interactive aerospace activities, allowing them to learn about astronauts’ daily activities that take place in the space station.

Visit Stalin’s Bunker

At the height of WWII, the Russians constructed a military bunker that was designed to be occupied by Stalin if the Germans breached Moscow. Although never used, this is a fascinating piece of wartime history that is tucked away underneath the Academy of Culture and Art, deep below the ground.

A guide to Samara


With a huge historical relevance to Russia, the city of Samara is one of the country’s major ports and today is a favourite hang out for trendy young Russians. Home to the country’s aerospace centre, it also boasts a strong historical link to the space race, and proudly displays a 68-metre-high rocket monument to prove it. Samara is a city that on the surface is all about the new, but scratch the surface and you’ll find a treasure trove of exciting history. 

Venture into the Zhiguli Hills


Take some time away from the bustling city and explore the shining emerald jewel of the region in the Zhiguli Nature Reserve. The beloved natural paradise is brimming with thriving green forests and flowing lakes. Standing at 375 metres above sea level, the hills make a great destination for hiking and an unrivalled vantage point for those Instagram-worthy snaps of Russia far below.

Take in the beauty of the rolling landscape, try your hand at water sports in the lagoons and spot the wildlife nestled in the trees of the iconic Samara Bend.

Discover the city’s World War II heritage

Stalin’s Bunker may serve as an eerie reminder of Russia’s part in WWII, but it’s not the only way to get a glimpse of the war. Head to what is one of the oldest museums in the Volga Region; the Alabin Museum. Explore the vast array of insightful exhibits that faithfully capture what life was like in Samara around the war. See its collection of rare books, relics in the armoury, or delve even further back and gaze upon the wonder of the dinosaur fossil discovered in the Zhiguli Hills.

See the sights by the Volga River

With so much to see around the city, get caught up in the excitement and stroll along the banks of the idyllic Volga River. It’s the longest river in Europe stretching 3,692 km across Russia. Set sail from one of the small docks, or if you’re visiting in the warmer months, enjoy the sun and the sand on the beach. The shore near the Museum of Soccer is a hive of activity with beach games, music and restaurants filling the promenade.

Further along the walkway, the city’s famous Singing Fountains can be seen. Watch as the water dances along to the music during this beautiful light show.

Useful information


Before you travel to Samara in Russia, ensure you check with your country’s embassy with regards to visa requirements.


The currency used in Samara and the rest of Russia is the Russian Ruble. Frequently used banknotes include: 50, 100, 500, 1,000, and 5,000.


The official language of Samara, spoken widely across the city, is Russian.


With cooler temperatures year-round, Samara enjoys a mild summer and a below freezing winter. The coldest months to visit are between November and March where temperatures can fall to -11°C. In its hottest months, temperatures can rise to 29°C in June, July and August.

Getting around

To help you explore the city, choose from a range of transport options. Buses run frequently through the city as do marshrutka, which carry a smaller amount of people. Hop into a shared taxi or grab a tram or trolleybus with routes all over the city. If you prefer to travel privately, you can book a taxi or hire a car with flydubai.

Airport information

When you visit Samara you’ll fly in and out of Kurumoch International Airport (KUF), 35km from the city centre.

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