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Our aircraft are also equipped with award-winning WiFi, so you can browse, surf and snap your way to the iconic Turkish destination. Low-cost doesn’t mean compromising on value - tuck into hot meals, with dishes inspired by world-spanning cuisines.

Things to do

Dive into a bazaar world


Venture out of the malls in Istanbul and into the heady rush of haggling hotspots in Istanbul’s souks. You’ll find plenty of treasures to mark your travels at the colourful and chaotic Grand Bazaar - jewel-coloured glass lanterns, spices spilling out of sacks, beckoning sellers showcasing their textiles and more. Bartering for a bargain is all part of the fun.

Uncover the secrets of sultans


Once the political hub of the Ottoman Empire, Topkapi Palace is the place to go to discover fascinating relics from centuries gone by. Weaponry, porcelain, copper works, silverware, glassware, holy relics, paintings, and treasures such as diamond-studded bows and emerald daggers make up the ancient collections, but marvelling at the building itself is worth the entry fee to this Istanbul palace.

Hunt out the best street eats 

Follow your nose around the streets away from the restaurants in Istanbul and you’ll come across a tantalising selection of traditional cuisine. Stalls filling up with babbling locals probably indicate that you’ll get the finest doughy simit (Turkish bagel) or an authentic meaty lahmacun (Turkish pizza) here. Don’t leave without sampling a cheese-stuffed börek (baked pastry).

A guide to Istanbul

Separating Europe from Asia, Turkey’s ancient, captivating city simmers with the charm of two continents. Lose yourself in its grand monuments, delight the senses by tucking into authentic street food and soak up an Istanbul sunrise over glittering waters.

Discover heart-stopping structures 

Striking frescoes, mosaics, and stained glass adorn the glorious mosques in Istanbul. Together, these mosques and other architectural gems make up the city’s majestic skyline. Top of the list is Hagia Sophia - a huge museum with a soaring dome, massive naves, and dazzling mosaics. As well as being a stunner, this monument is historically important, reaching back to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

Wander dusk till dawn markets 

Of all the marketplaces in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is the largest - and probably the busiest. Venture beyond the popular trading hub and you’ll be rewarded with the Spice Bazaar and its endless rows of herbs or Fatih Carsamba Pazar’s sprawling table tops covered in fruits, vegetables, cured meats, textiles, and mountains of clothing. For something slightly less hectic, Yesilkoy Market is a relaxing shopping experience with vivid floral displays and aromatic tea rooms.

Venture to picture-perfect peninsulas

The beaches in Istanbul reaching out into the Black Sea are rarely mentioned in tourist guides, but knowing where to find them will provide a beautiful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Picture the scene: golden sand, sun-kissed surfers and coastal-hugging restaurants - you’ll find it all at Burc Beach. Go for a more secluded chill-spot at Uzunya Beach, a quieter seaside spot with fabulous mezzes. Those hankering for party vibes can head down to Babylon Beach Soundgarden for live music and Turkish pizza.

Experience tea on the ferry 

Waterside mosques, majestic sculptures, charming houses and more. Seeing it all from the city is a treat enough, but watching it all go by on a zigzagging Bosphorus cruise in Istanbul is the best way to do it. Once you’re suitably plied with black tea, grab your camera and snap up some of Istanbul’s finest sights - Ottoman palaces, historic forts, mosques, and shrines.

Useful information


Most travellers will need a visa to enter Istanbul, depending on your country of origin and purpose of your visit. Find out the rules and regulations that apply to your country and get more Turkish travel advice here.


You’ll be paying with Turkish Lira (TRY) in Istanbul. Currency notes can be found in the following denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200.


The majority of the city’s population speak the country’s official language - Turkish - but minority languages include Kurdish and Arabic.


The weather in Turkey can be extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter - so spring and autumn are the best times to visit. July reaches an average temperature of 24°C and the city hits its coldest in January and February - around 6°C.

Getting around

There are plenty of travel options in Istanbul - you can take the tram, metro, or bus. To make commuting simpler, buy an Istanbulkart for the bus, tram, metro and the cross-Bosphorus ferry. If you’re hiring a taxi or flagging one down in the street, make sure your driver has the metre switched on.

Airport information

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is around an hour’s drive from the city centre. Taxis are readily available from the taxi stand outside the main terminal building, but can be pricey. There are also buses available from the airport, a high-speed rail link at nearby Pendik station or you can hire a car with flydubai.

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