Book Flights to Turkey

Book Flights to Turkey

Book a flight to Turkey and immerse yourself in a world of epic history, dramatic landscapes and rich cultural flavours. At the point where Europe meets Asia, this exciting destination holds something for everyone. Those on business or heading out for something more adventurous will quickly discover just how much Turkey has to offer.

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Things to do

Experience Ephesus


A staggering example of a Roman port city and home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Ephesus is a must-visit destination. This beautiful city is awash with astonishing architecture, dramatic views and unparalleled historical sites.

Be intrigued by Topkapi Palace

Take yourself back to the Ottoman empire and delve into the history of Topkapi Palace. Be astounded by the opulence and beauty of this building, which served as a residence for sultans for almost 400 years. Visit its museum to marvel at the sacred relics it houses.

See Cappadocia from the sky

Step into a world of unbelievable beauty when you visit Cappadocia. Famous for its fairy tale-esque landscapes, nothing quite compares to seeing the otherworldly rocky outcrops from the sky, as you float along in a hot air balloon.

A guide to Turkey

Fall head-over-heels for when you start exploring this diverse and beautiful country. Turkey boasts breath-taking landscapes, friendly locals and a rich heritage - you’ll soon be swept up in the excitement of this stunning destination.


Discover golden beaches

Dazzling sunshine and golden beaches make Turkey the perfect holiday destination. Head off the beaten track to find tranquillity at Butterfly Valley. Explore this unspoilt Turkish hotspot, surrounded by towering mountains and complete with a picture-perfect beach. Further down the coast you’ll find Patara Beach, one of the best in the country. Stroll along the incredible stretch of sand and dive into the astonishing, blue waters.

Discover a hiker’s paradise

From jungle-covered mountains to moon-like landscapes, travelling around Turkey is sure to wow even the most seasoned hiker. Conquer the snow-topped peaks of the Taurus Mountains or if it’s lush green vistas you’re after, scale the Pontic Mountains. Head to the Cappadocia region in the heart of Turkey and hike the famous Rose Valley, where the beautiful formations, changing rock colours and carved cave dwellings are sure to enchant any traveller.

Immerse yourself in Istanbul


Experience the magic of Istanbul, the last stop on the legendary Silk Road. Straddling Europe and Asia, this city is a harmonious mix of cultures, architecture and history. Istanbul has captured the hearts of many great empires and its vibrant past is evident as you begin to explore. Experience the decadence of Aya Sofya and see the iconic Blue Mosque for yourself.

Sample cross-continental cuisine

Just like its rich and varied heritage, Turkey’s food is eclectic. European cuisine mixes with aromatic Asian delicacies to create an irresistible combination of flavours. Opt for traditional stuffed vine leaves or delicious Baklava when you head out for food. You can also explore the famous Istanbul spice bazaar and experience a spectrum of sights, sounds and smells, along with the chance to take a taste of Turkey home with you.

Look into the past

A myriad of exciting museums tell the story of Turkey’s exciting and diverse past. Learn about ancient cultures at the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations in Ankara, or head to the Istanbul Archaeology Museums for a treasure trove of beautifully preserved finds. Alternatively, explore the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts for a fantastic collection of artefacts housed in a magnificent Ottoman palace setting.

Useful information


Before you set off on your journey to Turkey, get in touch with your embassy to find out what visa you will need.


While in Turkey, you’ll use the Turkish Lira. Frequently used notes include: ₺5, ₺10, ₺20 and ₺50.


Turkish is the official language of Turkey and English is also widely spoken.


The temperatures are highest between July and September up to 31°C although they may vary depending on location. Temperatures are at their lowest in February at around 7°C, with the most rainfall in January.

Getting around

Taxis, private car hire, buses and trains are all available in Turkey, meaning you can get around fairly easily. Regular ferries are also available to link parts of the Aegean coast. If you want to explore the country further, there are plenty of places where you can hire a car.

Airport information

Book a flight to Turkey with flydubai and you’ll touch down at Istanbul International Airport (IST).

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