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Explore a quaint Old Town and discover a plethora of historical sites in an iconic Ukrainian city when you book flights to Odesa with flydubai. Take your pick from Economy or Business Class and find the perfect option for your travels.

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Things to do

View the National Theatre of Ballet and Opera


The centre point of the city, the lavishly designed National Theatre of Ballet and Opera, is stunning. Its curved, French rococo exterior domes the plush, red and gold theatre. Intricate sculptures, twinkling chandeliers and detailed arches makes this a feast for the eyes.

Stroll along the embankment

Explore the peaceful setting of the embankment and watch as the boats come into dock. With picturesque sandy shores and a quaint harbour, discover sights such as the enchanting Zolote Dytia sculpture and delve into the history behind some of the artefacts on display.

Relax in the Istanbul Park


Walk up the symbolic Potemkin Stairs that run down the middle of Istanbul Park and the Vorontsov Palace floral grounds. At the top of the steps you’ll be treated to the Monument to Duc de Richelieu that stands proudly in a courtyard.

A guide to Odesa

Boasting an intensely unique history, this charming city in Southern Ukraine is a peaceful port overlooking the Black Sea. Delve underground to discover mysteries in the Catacombs, marvel over art in the galleries and view the symbolic monuments throughout Odesa.

Explore the art in the Odesa Gallery

The eye-catching blue and white exterior lets you know this is no normal mansion. Built in 1856, The Odesa Gallery of Western and Eastern Art is a fascinating monument in itself, standing out gloriously from the other buildings in its vicinity. Walk through the bronze doorway into the galleries where you can browse the huge collection of paintings, sculptures and porcelain.

See work from impressionists and realists and discover pieces from across the world. If fine art is your thing, this gallery has the largest collection in the whole of Ukraine, so you know you’re in the right place.

Take a guided tour of the Catacombs


Unearth the spooky tales and fables of the underground labyrinths that snake beneath the city in total darkness. It’s said that over 2,500 km of catacombs sprawl underneath Odesa in the form of natural caves and tunnels.

Legend has it that the catacombs were first carved out of the yellow limestone for mining purposes in the 1830s. It was eventually taken over by smugglers who used the thousands of entrances and the sprawling network to hide their loot. Most of the entrances are now no longer accessible, but let your mind wander as you think about the storied past of this underground treasure.

Take a guided tour of the accessible section of the catacombs to learn about its huge historic significance. See shrines to gods, graffiti and etchings and view its mystical artefacts to learn about its World War II significance.

Discover Odesa’s history in the Old Town


Wander down Primorsky Boulevard to take in the traditional setting of Odesa. Near to the epic Potemkin Stairs, pay your respects to the towering monument of Catherine the Great, who founded the city as a marine fortress in 1794.

Discover Odesa’s religious heritage in the tree-lined Sobornaya Square. This is the main courtyard of the city, where you can peer up at the classical Russian Orthodox Cathedral. Wander through the clean, marble interior before reaching the golden altar, adorned in magnificent glass paintings.

Useful information


Before you travel to Ukraine, make sure you get in touch with your country’s embassy to check the visa requirements.


Here you’ll need to use the national currency, which is Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH). Frequently used banknotes include: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500.


The official language of Odesa is Ukrainian.


The weather in Odesa is fairly mild with a cold winter dropping to 5°C in January. June, July and September see the hottest temperatures that range from 22°C up to 36°C.

Getting around

Getting around the city is simple to do with a range of options to choose from. You can travel by bus, trolleybus, tram or taxi. The marshrutkas, which is like a minibus, is commonly used around the city and is a great alternative to the trams that can often become crowded during peak times. If you’re new to the city, you may want to use the well-connected taxi service, or you can hire a car in advance.

Airport information

When you arrive in the city you’ll fly into Odesa International Airport (ODS), which is approximately 7.5 km south from the city centre.

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