Book flights to Chattogram

Book flights to Chattogram

Journey to Bangladesh’s second-largest city when you book flights to Chattogram with flydubai. Whether you’re attending a business meeting or visiting with friends to explore, we’ll ensure your journey goes smoothly. 

We provide a number of services to ensure your journey is an enjoyable one. Duty-free shopping, access to WiFi and a delicious selection of meals all come as standard. You’re in capable hands from the moment you arrive at the airport right up until you touch down in Bangladesh. 

If you’d prefer a little more exclusivity on your flight, choose Business Class and enjoy the additional perks of our premium service. You’ll skip the queues at the airport and head straight through to relax ahead of your journey in the Business Lounge. Up in the air, you’ll be just one of 12 Business Class passengers and will enjoy the comfort of reclining your Italian leather chair. 


Economy Class, our ergonomically-designed chairs and increased leg room mean you’ll enjoy a comfortable journey from start to finish. Settle in and connect your phone to our award-winning WiFi and browse the web while in the air, chat to friends, catch up on emails or keep up with the news. Every passenger also has their own HD touchscreen, so you can choose from a wide selection of TV shows, music, games and movies to keep you entertained for the whole journey.

Depending on the time and duration of your flight you might like to pre-order an internationally inspired in-flight meal. There are also lighter snacks and drinks available throughout your flight.

Things to do

Watch a cricket match 

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Bangladesh and definitely something you should experience while you’re in the city. You can catch Premier League matches at M.A. Aziz Stadium, home to the Chittagong Vikings.

Explore Chittagong’s Hill Tracts 


Hills, ravines and cliffs covered in a blanket of bamboo, creepers and shrubs intercepted by fast flowing waterfalls, the Hill Tracts are unlike anywhere else in Bangladesh. This area is the homeland of the Jumma people and is one of the best and most beautiful spots you’ll find anywhere for hiking.

Browse Central Bazar


The Central Bazar market is a bustling hive of activity and a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local way of life. Here you’ll find rows upon rows of stalls, selling everything from food to clothes. It’s the perfect spot to find a memento of your trip.

A guide to Chattogram


Situated between the banks of the Karnaphuli River, the Bay of Bengal and Hill Tracts, this city is known for its friendly locals, delicious delicacies and impressive scenery. Once you’ve explored Bangladesh’s largest port city, you’re well placed to discover more of this fascinating country.

Relax on the beautiful beaches

Cox’s Bazar Beach is the most visited beach in Bangladesh and, at more than 77 miles, is the longest natural sandy beach in the world. Golden swathes, framed by deep blue sea, stretch out in every direction – the perfect spot for a tranquil afternoon enjoying the sun. You can also visit nearby St Martin’s Island, located just six miles south-west of the southern tip of the mainland. Here, the beaches are lined with palm trees and the crystal clear waters are full of colourful marine life.

Come face-to-face with wild animals

Dulahazara Safari Park can be found in the Cox’s Bazar district at Chakaria Upazila. Originally opened as a deer breeding centre, you can now find more than 4,000 animals and 165 species living here. Explore as much of the 2,000 acres as you can and try to spot crocodiles, black bears, pythons, peacocks, hippos, lions, tigers and elephants. Head up to the observation tower for incredible, unobstructed views across the park. From here, catch of a glimpse of the many birds that call this area home as they float across the skies.

Admire the waterfalls


In Chattogram and the surrounding area, you’ll find a number of beautiful and impressive waterfalls. The Richhang Waterfalls can be found in the Khagrachhari District, part of the Chattogram Division and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Here the water thunders through the lush green forest, creating a beautiful spot for a photo. Close by is Rijuk Jhorna in the Bandarban District. Watch the water fall into the River Sangu from a height 300ft, creating an awe-inspiring example of the raw power of nature.

Explore religious buildings

The city is home to various religious buildings. Chandanpura Mosque is one of the oldest and most colourful. This multi-domed mosque which is situated beside Kapti Road was renovated in 1952. Wander around the city and you’ll also come across Nandankanan Buddhist Monastery and St Placid, a Portuguese Church in the old Portuguese quarter of Chattogram, Paterghatta.

Useful information


Before you travel to Chattogram, check with your embassy to see what visa requirements you’ll need.


While in Chattogram, you’ll use Bangladesh’s national currency, Bangladesh Taka (BDT). Notes are available in: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500.


Bengali (Bangla) is the language spoken widely in Chattogram.


Chattogram has a tropical monsoon climate, so expect a few downpours when you visit. Temperatures are at their hottest between April and June at 34°C and drop to a low averaging 19°C between January and March.

Getting around

You have two options when it comes to public transport in Chattogram. There are buses, although these can be very overcrowded. Alternatively, there are baby taxis, which are three-wheeled auto rickshaws. We recommend agreeing a fare before you set off on your journey.

Airport information

You’ll fly in and out of Shah Amanat Airport (CGP) also known as Chittagong Patenga Airport.

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