Book flights to Quetta

Book flights to Quetta

From the downtown bustle to the peaceful mountains, experience both sides of life in Pakistan when you book flights to Quetta with flydubai. Relax in our bright, spacious cabin and enjoy a variety of entertainment and refreshments while you fly to the capital city of the Balochistan province.

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Things to do

Discover Quetta Fort 

Explore the region’s military history at Quetta Fort – also called Qila Miri - which stands guard in the central district. Originally built by the British, the sand-coloured fort is now open to the public, although you still need to seek permission from the local forces to go inside.

Visit Hanna Lake


Just 10km outside the city, the tranquillity of Lake Hanna is within easy reach. Relax on the banks with a picnic and admire the panoramic mountain scenery, or hire a boat and soak up stunning views from the turquoise waters.

Browse the bazaar


Join the crowds at the city’s central bazaar, weaving through downtown streets and vibrant stalls. Aromatic spices and local cloth can be found in abundance, as well as woven sandals and household decorations such as ornate mirrors. The perfect place to pick up a souvenir of your trip.

A guide to Quetta


Bolstered by rocky mountains on all sides, the city of Quetta is an urban pocket in the sandy lands of south-west Pakistan. Lively bazaars and atmospheric restaurants line the streets, providing plenty of entertainment for visitors. For a change of scenery, head out to the parks, lakes and hills that surround the city and explore the natural landscapes of this part of the world.

Visit the museums 

You’ll find a fascinating array of museums in Quetta – if you know where to look, that is. Head to Quetta Museum on Waffa Road to see archaeological artefacts from as far back as the Stone Age – in addition to more modern exhibits, such as those chronicling the difficulties of the 1935 earthquake. Continue your exploration at the Geological Survey of Pakistan Museum, where you can see weird and wonderful fossils, including a ‘walking whale’ said to be 47 million years old.

Taste the flavours


Sink your teeth into a succulent menu of local favourites, including tender Khadda Kebab. This Pakistani dish is made from succulent lamb, fruits, vegetables and spices blended together and slow-cooked underground on smouldering coals until tender and juicy.

Another one for foodies to try is Sajji. These rich, meaty skewers – usually chicken or lamb – are cooked whole on open fires for a rustic, smoky flavour. Often, they’re stuffed with rice and served with soft naan bread. There are a number of restaurants in Quetta which serve up this regional classic, including popular local haunt, Lehri Sajji House.

Explore the parks 

Popular with visitors of all ages, Askari Park is a community hub in the north of the city. If you’re into fitness, you could stretch your legs on the running track. There are a number of fairground rides here too - perfect for entertaining youngsters. As the sun beams down, wander around the park and admire the majestic statue of three white stallion horses which stands in the centre. On the western outskirts of the city, Omagh Park offers a more stripped-back experience, with sandy trails winding through the shadows of the looming hills.

Have a rural adventure

Venture out into the surrounding area and uncover natural beauty in the arid plains of Balochistan. A sparkling pool surrounded by desert mountains, Wali Tangi Dam is one such jewel which draws visitors with its vivid colour contrasts and natural beauty. Follow the footpath all the way around the perimeter, chancing on tumbling waterfalls and scenic seating spots as you go. The dam is about one hour and 25 minutes away from Quetta and is easiest to reach with a hire car.

Useful information


Visitors from most countries will need to apply for a visa ahead of their trip to Pakistan. Check with your embassy for more information.


The currency in Quetta is the Pakistani Rupee (PKR). Frequently used notes include: 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 2000.


In Pakistan, the national languages are Urdu and English. You’ll find most people in Quetta speak Urdu. However, many signs will also be translated into English and you’ll usually be able to request help from an English-speaker in hotels and restaurants.


The city of Quetta enjoys high temperatures of 34°C between July and September, with lows of 5° between January and March. The main thing to consider when organising your trip is the wet monsoon season, which is usually between June and September.

Getting around

Rickshaws are the main way to get around Quetta. For longer journeys, such as travelling to and from the airport, you can book a taxi. Your hotel will often help you organise this. You’ll also find rental car services at the airport.

Airport information

Located about half an hour’s drive from the city centre, Quetta International Airport (UET) is a convenient travel hub. Inside the terminal building, you’ll find facilities including restaurants, shops, prayer rooms and a business lounge.

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