Book flights to Egypt

Book flights to Egypt

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Explore the treasures of Egypt by booking one of flydubai’s regular flights to Alexandria, to explore the country of ancient wonders. Whether you’re heading to Egypt for business or planning a week on the glorious Mediterranean coast, we’ll make sure your journey there is memorable for all the right reasons.

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Fly to Egypt in Business Class to experience a premier and personal way of travel. Breeze through check-in, enjoy the Business Class lounge and priority baggage collection with our dedicated Business Class services. Once onboard, enjoy generous legroom, globally-inspired meals and a dedicated member of the cabin crew during your flight.

Things to do

Marvel at ancient treasures


Seeing a real ancient Egyptian pyramid for the first time is a magical moment. Stand face-to-face with the mighty Sphinx and ponder the impeccable geometry of the 4000-year-old Giza Pyramids in Cairo.Spend the day checking out Tutankhamun’s treasures and other pharaoh’s grave goods in the Egyptian Museum, before hopping on a Nile boat to Luxor. Once you arrive, marvel at the city’s grand monuments - wander through the Valley of the Kings and visit the Luxor Temple.

Dive into Red Sea beauty


Discover some of the world’s most incredible underwater scenery in Egypt. Thousands of exotic fish, crystal clear waters and psychedelic reefs make the Red Sea a scuba and snorkelling paradise.

Channel your inner explorer

Get lost on a desert safari, where you can experience Egyptian sand dunes at their wildest and most serene. Travel by camel, four-wheel drive or on foot before spending a night camping under starry skies.

A guide to Egypt

From the historic capital of Cairo to the beautiful Red Sea coastline, discover Egypt - the oldest tourist destination on earth.


Savour culture and coffee

The chaotic metropolis of Cairo can, at first, be overwhelming. But wander into the quieter back alleys and you’ll be rewarded with a thriving scene of gorgeous bookshops, traditional Arabic eateries and kaleidoscopic bazaars. Slip into the local groove at one of Cairo’s friendly coffee houses to taste real Egyptian ahwa for the first time, before shopping in the capital’s vibrant souqs – you’ll soon become accustomed to the fine art of haggling as you explore the city.

Discover endless natural wonders

Watching hot air balloons float over the Nile at sunrise is truly beautiful, but actually being in one is a truly unforgettable experience. Swoon as lush valleys give way to the ruggedness of the desert, see traditional felucca sailboats glide across the vast river and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Egypt’s extravagant monuments.

Useful information


Before you fly to Egypt, make sure you have the correct visa documentation in place. Visa requirements can vary depending on which country you are from, so check with your embassy to find out what you’ll need.


During your time in Egypt you’ll use the national currency – the Egyptian Pound (EGP). It’s divided into 100 piastres or ersh, or 1,000 millimes. A range of notes are frequently used, available in the following denominations: 25pt, 50pt, £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, £100, £200.


Egypt’s official language is Arabic, but Egyptian Arabic is by far the most widely spoken in the country.


Most of Egypt is desert, so you’ll enjoy warm and sunny weather all year round when you visit – even in December. Temperatures range from as low as 9°C in January to 40°C from July to September. If you’d prefer cooler days for sightseeing, winter provides a milder climate.

Getting around

You can get around Egypt by taxi, bus, train or car. Taxis and trains are inexpensive and available throughout the country, while buses and coaches can take you to the country’s major destinations. Look out for metro stations, which have a big red ‘M’ in a blue star: given the hectic traffic in cities like Cairo, they can shave a lot of time off your journey.

Airport information

flydubai operates out of Borg El Arab Airport, 34km south-west of Alexandria. The city’s airport is very well connected, with parking and taxis readily available, as well as car hire through flydubai.

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