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Things to do

Find peace at Qadamgah Castle

Explore the ancient Qadamgah Castle in the northwest of the city, which dates back to the pre-Islamic period. Surrounded by vast sandy deserts with a backdrop of towering mountains, the remote location is a peaceful place. It was originally constructed to defend the city from historic invading forces, but now only the foundations, well and towers remain, ready to be explored. Perfect for history buffs.

See the 600-year-old castle 

Just outside the city, take the time to visit the 600-year-old Ejdeha Peykar Castle. Perched on top of a hill in the west of Lar, the stone structure dates back to the pre-Islamic era. The castle was partly destroyed during Reza Shah’s reign. Visit the upper and middle tower, as well as the remains of the stone walls.

Visit the Friday Mosque

Breaking up the sandy skyline with its dazzling turquoise-domed roof, the Friday Mosque captures the religious traditions that breathe through the city. With its scaling minarets, pay your respects at this ornate mosque. It was first constructed in the 8th century, but amazingly, some of the original features still exist today.

A guide to Lar

This city is split into two - the old town, with its ancient remains, bustling bazaars and historic baths, contrast with the modern Lar city that has established restaurants and a bustling shopping mall. Visit and discover the colourful heritage of the Laristan region.

See the city’s monuments

From the remains of the sacred Pir Sorkh tomb to the number of ornate mosques; in the old town of Lar, there’s a wealth of monuments for you to admire. Peer up at the Imam Khomeini Square monument and take in its significance. Illuminated at night, the interesting structure stands out of the skyline.

Relax in the historical complex of the Nishat Garden and Baths. The divinely decorated, octagonal mansion sits nearby the idyllic, yet dried out, Barvand River. Spanning over 14,500 square metres, this huge historical bath was constructed during the Afsharid period and is a tranquil spot, surrounded by palm trees.

Discover gems in the main city park

Among the desert landscape of Lar, relaxation spots take shape in the form of green parks. There are several notable spaces in which to enjoy the laidback lifestyle of Lar.

If you’re travelling with the family, explore the sprawling main park. With a dragon statue at its centre, there are hidden gems to discover throughout the palm woodland. Here you can enjoy the small fairground with rug slides and rides. Race each other around the Go-Kart Circuit or play a game of paintball.

Explore the Bazaar


In the old city of Lar, the Qeisariyeh Bazaar is home to treasures galore beneath its iconic humped roof. It’s one of the oldest markets of its kind in the country and is the perfect place to enjoy a real taste of the traditional way of like in Lar. Follow the arches through the hustle and bustle, along the four stretching arms of the ancient stone market.

Browse the many stalls and shop fronts selling everything from fabrics, clothing, silverware, cooking utensils and home décor. With fashion goods and hand-crafted Persian carpets to pick up, enjoy the art of bartering for the best price.

Useful information


Before you travel to Lar, contact your country’s embassy to see what visa information is required.


While in Lar you’ll use the national currency which is Iranian Rial (IRR). Frequently used banknotes include:100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 20,000, 50,000.


The official language of Iran and spoken mostly in Lar is Persian.


Lar sees a hot climate year round with temperatures rarely dropping below 20°C. In June through to September, the hottest months, temperatures scale between 34°C and 48°C.

Getting around

If this is your first time in Lar, it’s recommended to get around the city in a taxi. The official Iranian taxi vehicles are marked in orange and blue and it’s best to organise the fare beforehand. The local bus service does run around the city if you prefer to use public transport.

Airport information

You’ll land in Larestan International Airport (LRR) when you visit Lar. The airport is 5.7km from the city centre.

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