Flights to Mashhad

Flights to Mashhad

Journey to Iran’s second largest city when you book flights to Mashhad with flydubai. Whether you’re travelling with colleagues for a business meeting, to visit family or explore with friends, we’ll ensure your journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We offer multiple flights per week to Mashhad so you can always find a fare to suit your requirements.

With regular drinks and snacks, access to personal entertainment and comfortable seats, you’ll enjoy every part of your journey. Whether you choose to fly in Business Class or Economy Class, we guarantee you’ll be taken care of from the moment you arrive in the airport through to the moment you step off the plane in Mashhad.


You’re in for a treat if you choose Economy Class. The seats are ergonomically-designed for fantastic comfort and increased leg room. To ensure you don’t miss any emails or news updates, connect your phone or tablet to our award-winning onboard WiFi and browse the web with ease. You’ll also find a personal 12.1-inch touchscreen providing more than 2,000 hours of entertainment, including TV shows, movies, music and games.

For a more luxurious start to your trip, book into Business Class. When you arrive at the airport, we’ll fast track you through check-in, so you can relax in the Business Lounge. Once you’ve boarded the plane, sink into your Italian leather chair and relax. The seat reclines so you can settle in and make the most of the comfort. A dedicated member of cabin crew will be on hand to look after your every need.

To keep hunger at bay, take a look through our in-flight menu and order one of our internationally-inspired dishes. There will also be snacks and drinks available throughout the flight if you fancy something lighter.

Things to do

Visit the shrine of Imam Reza


No trip to Mashhad is complete without seeing the Imam Reza shrine, commemorating the AD 818 martydom of Shiite Islam’s eighth Imam. Aside from the religious significance, the building itself is beautiful with intricate tiles and calligraphy as well as pretty courtyards and porches. You’ll see people touching and kissing the zarih, a gold-latticed cage, which covers Imam Reza’s tomb.

Enjoy the rides at Mellat Amusement Park

Experience the thrill of the rides at one of the biggest and best amusement parks in Iran. Located in the west of Mashhad across more than 170 acres, this park is suitable for all ages. Take in panoramic views as you sit back and relax on the carousel, or the more adventurous can brave the white-knuckle rollercoasters.

See the animals of Vakil Abad Zoo

In the southwest of Mashhad, close to Vakil Abad Forest Park, you’ll find the only zoo in the Khorasan Razavi province. The zoo is the largest in Iran, home to a wide variety of animals. The Bengal and Indonesian tigers both call this home, as does the Tigon – a hybrid cross between a male tiger and a female lion. There are 125 species of animal on show, including alligators, llamas, leopards and lynx.

A guide to Mashhad

Iran’s holiest city is known for being home to the country’s largest religious shrine. From here, you can discover the wider Khorasan Razavi province.


Browse the Bazaars

Take in the sweet smells of spices and the exciting sounds of stall owners selling their wares when you head to a bazaar. Explore these sprawling markets and discover a huge range of products, from carpets to clothes and jewellery to food. Bazaar-e-Reza is located close to the shrine and sells a variety of goods, including glitter jewellery, while Sara-ye-Bazaar-e-Reza is the place to be if you’re looking textiles and fabrics.

Treat your taste buds


Iranian food is light, spicy and packed with flavour. Tuck into a delicious dish Iranian Shishlik, the city’s speciality dish. These skewered lamb chunks are marinated in olive oil and saffron for a rich and flavoursome treat. Black tea sweetened with sugar cubes is also widely drunk by locals; visit Hezardestan Traditional Teahouse to sample this beverage. As one of Iran’s most famous tea houses, it serves some of the tastiest tea in the city and has to be tried.

See the local sport

Walk east out of the main Haram entrance along Idgah Lane and, between the last two nut-and-sweet shops, you’ll find a doorway. Here zurkhaneh takes place, a series of displays of meditative strength and agility exercises, traditionally used to train Iranian warriors. Now it’s one of the most exciting acrobatic and strength displays you’ll see in the country. Take a seat and you’ll receive a tea as you watch on in awe.

Explore the museums

There are several museums across the city which will tell the tale of Iranian life both past and present. The Central Museum and Anthropology Museum are among the most popular, while the Carpet Museum is arguably Haram’s best museum. Here you’ll see beautiful classics and a Tabriz-made carpet-portrait of WWI figurehead Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Useful information


Before you travel to Mashhad, check with your embassy for any visa requirements.


While in Mashhad you’ll be using Iranian rial (IR). Notes are available in the following denominations: 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000.


The most widely spoken language in Mashhad is Farsi (Persian) as well as ethnic languages, primarily Azari Turkish.


The summers are hot, arid and clear while the winters are very cold, dry and partly cloudy. Temperatures vary from 1°C from January to March and go up to 33°C in July and September.

Getting around

Buses are the most convenient way to travel around the city as they have a wide network of services. You can also take a taxi, but look out for the official vehicles with blue and orange markings. These can carry several passengers and are generally cheaper than using a private taxi. You can also hire a car and make your way around yourself.

Airport information

You’ll fly in and out of Mashhad International Airport (MHD) also known as Shahid Nejad Airport.

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