Flights to Najaf

Flights to Najaf

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Things to do

The holy shrine of Ali


Najaf is famous for being the place Mashhad Ali, the first imam of the Shiites, whose tomb is located near the city's centre. In nearby Kufa in the year 661, Prophet Mohamed’s son-in-law was badly wounded. The story goes that he asked to be strapped to a white camel. Wherever the camel stopped, that place was to be his grave. This spot was Najaf, now a place of pilgrimage and home to the Imam Ali Mosque. Find the opulent mosque in the heart of the city, covered in shimmering gold tiles, silver walls and dazzling neon lights.

Authentic Iraqi cuisine


The rich culture of Iraq has long inspired delicious dishes using seasonal ingredients. Najaf traditions have left their mark on the cuisine - go ahead and dine on kubbat mousel, a winning combination of minced meat and burghul or enjoy a sheikh mahshi, one of the locals’ most-loved stew dishes.

Record-breaking attractions

The sheer size of Wadi Al-Salaam Cemetery, which translates as Valley of Peace, is awe-inspiring. It’s the largest cemetery in the world, spanning almost 1,500 acres, with over five million bodies buried in its grounds. Millions of pilgrims flock to the ancient site every year, paying their respects at the graves of prophets, princes, Sultans, scientists, and guardians alike.

A guide to Najaf


Perched on the edge of the desert, a few miles west of the Euphrates in Iraq, sits the religious Shiite city of Najaf. Thousands of pilgrims travel to Najaf every year to worship in its magnificent shrines, or bury their loved ones in the largest Muslim cemetery in the world. But the city is more than just a holy hub, it’s slowly changing its face and getting a chance to shine. 

Retail therapy


To truly live like a Najaf local, plan a shopping trip to the Najaf City Mall. The retail centre is buzzing with families filling up their bags, while more old-school markets such as Sooq Al Kabeer in the city will have you bartering with vendors flogging colourful paintings of Shiite legends and rainbow-splattered prayer beads.

Time-warping history

From the ancient Islamic cemetery of Wadi Al-Salaam to the shrine of Imam Ali, Najaf’s rich cultural tapestry throws you back in time. As well as these two popular pilgrimage attractions, the Great Mosque of Kufa is a beautiful place to visit. The marble-floored, golden-edged architecture is dazzling and the building oozes history - take at least three hours out of your schedule to explore it properly.

Epicentre of intellect

One of the most important teaching centres in the Islamic world, the Hawza ‘Ilmiyya, is located in the city to train Shi’a clergymen. Established in the 11th century AD, it remains an important centre of study, with more than 13,000 students training in the seminary at any one time.

Useful information


You'll need to apply for a visa to visit Iraq. 


The currency in Najaf is the Iraqi Dinar (IQD). The city uses a range of notes in the following denominations: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 25,000.


The official languages in Najaf are Arabic and Kurdish, with Mesopotamian Arabic, a variant of Arabic, most widely spoken.


Najaf’s desert climate averages reach highs of 37°C in the summer months of July to September and lows of 1°C between January and March.

Getting around

Make your way around Najaf by taxi or bus - it’s easy to navigate the city and transport is readily available at the airport. If you’re visiting Najaf on a pilgrimage, tours are available which can provide private transport to the tomb of Imam Ali and its nearby market.

Airport information

Najaf International Airport (NJF) is four miles east of central Najaf, connected to the city with plenty of transfer options. Take a taxi, hire a minibus or jump on a coach. All are available at arrivals once you land at the airport.

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