Flights to Salalah

Flights to Salalah

The Middle East is one of the most enriching travel destinations in the world, so book flights to Salalah with flydubai and enjoy one of the most breathtaking and beautiful trips you’ll find anywhere. Our spacious cabins are designed with your comfort in mind and our crew are trained to top standards to ensure a feel-good flight.

At flydubai we’ve gone above and beyond to create a flexible range of flights to culturally rich destinations at a reasonable price, backed up by exceptional service. That’s why our fares to Salalah offer something for all kinds of traveller - whether you’re flying to Oman for business or jetting off to enjoy the lushness of Dhofar’s capital.

For those who want to save time on the day of their flight, we’ve rolled out online check-in at selected airports for a faster transition to take off. If you prefer to check-in at the airport, you can always go to one of our onsite counters, where our hardworking team will help you out.


As part of our plan to provide a smooth and enjoyable journey for all, every one of our seats is equipped with personal entertainment systems – slick 12.1-inch touchscreens stuffed with hundreds of movies, TV shows, games and music to lose yourself in.

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Things to do

Architectural wonder


Explore the beautiful mosques of Salalah, glistening with golden curves and fabulous lanterns. Take a tour through Omani architecture as you pace the rug-covered floors of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - one of the most famous in Oman. It’s a mini treasure trove of enthralling engravings, glorious domes and handsome minarets.

Sandy swims


Coconut-edged beaches, banana plantations and papaya galore will make you feel like you’ve been plonked into a tropical paradise. This seaside base is the perfect place to hang out by the pristine waters. Give Al Mughsayl Beach a whirl and let your toes sink into magnificently white sands. Look around and admire the green bursts of mountain and majestic rocky edges that surround the beach.

Exotic souqs

The scent of heady frankincense awaits you at the Al-Husn Souq. Oman is famous for its production of the crystallised sap and you’ll find some of the best of the Boswellia sacra trees among these local traders. You might also sniff out some perfumes, or dive into vibrant textiles and clothes for sale as you meander through the market stalls with keen-eyed tourist and locals alike.

A guide to Salalah

See the world differently as Salalah opens the window into magnificent Omani culture. The city’s monsoon season and frequent drizzle make wild landscapes greener than any painting could portray. Go any time of the year and you’ll be smitten with its subtropical heart, stemming from Oman’s former territories in East Africa.


Window to Oman

The Salalah Museum is an essential experience in this city - not just for the history lesson, but also for the unique collection of explorer Wilfred Thesiger’s photographs. There’s an eclectic collection of ancient inscriptions, stone carvings and of course, tales of frankincense as you wander the museum’s exhibitions. If you’re interested for more of the latter, you can get a full fix at the Museum of Frankincense Land.

Salalah-style eats


Twice-fried, deftly flipped bread. Crispy strips of beef and camel. Just-caught grouper plated up in the fishing villages of Mirbat. And of course, muthbe, a southern speciality where glowing hot, salty meat and chicken is seared on hefty wadi stones. Salalah isn’t short of unique delicacies and foodies will be in a dream world here. The more adventurous can tuck into delicacies such as hubshah, a sour soup of goat stomach and other internal organs. Tuck into desserts stuffed with dates, honey and rosewater, washing them down with a sweet tea.

Beaches and blowholes


Get your timing right and you can snap a perfect photo of an Al Mughsayl Blowhole bursting through from the raging sea waters the nearby beach. They come through from holes in the ground, creating dazzlingly high fountains that shoot through the air. More natural wonders can be found at Wadi Darbat natural park, with waterfalls, caves, lakes and mountains to explore. Be sure to visit during monsoon season, when the green colours are truly dialled up to 11.

Useful information


Depending where you’re flying from, you may need a visa to enter Salalah. Spend time getting this right before you travel – the Royal Oman Police website has information on visas that will help.


Salalah uses the Omani Rial (OR) as its main currency, with notes available in the following denominations: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500.


While the official language of the Salalah is Arabic, some locals may speak Urdu, Hindu, Jibbali, or Swahili.


Prepare for subtropical climates when you fly to Salalah. Monsoon season is between June and August and is what makes the capital of Dhofar so gloriously green. The coldest it gets is 18°C in January, with highs of 36°C in June.

Getting around

The best (and easiest) way to explore Salalah is by hiring a car, especially if you’re heading there during monsoon season. You can also get around on a bus or use a taxi, although be sure to agree the fare before you set off, as most taxis aren’t metered.

Airport information

flydubai operates flights into and out of both the shiny new Salalah Airport (SLL). Both have taxis and rental cars available upon arrival. To help you on your journey, you can hire a car with flydubai.

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