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Sohar is the perfect blend of cultural and contemporary societies located in the northern Oman. It is rumoured to be the birthplace of the legendary mythical sailor Sindbad, hero of the “Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor”, one of the most famous tales in the One Thousand and One Nights. Sohar boasts a long and eventful history and takes a leading place among the nation’s seafaring exploits. For centuries the city served as the capital of Oman and was the centre of an extensive trading network stretching up and down the Gulf.

The city has some of the most gorgeous beaches in Oman along with traditional souqs and monuments that contribute to the country's history. Sohar is full of things to do, whether it be watching a camel race, shopping for traditional handicrafts or simply exploring the splendid beaches.

Top things to see and do in Sohar

  • Discover the most exquisite historical landmark in Oman, the 14th century Sohar Fort. Visit the museum inside and get a glimpse of the local life. You can also find a tunnel inside the tower that was used as an escape route at times of a siege.
  • Visit one of the main mosques in Oman, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. This stunning mosque is known to be a perfect amalgamation of Islamic, Omani, and Persian architectural styles. Explore the beautiful garden, four grand minarets, the three main entrance gates and the main domain which is sparkling in blue. Once inside marvel at the beauty of mosque’s walls painted intricately with vibrant colors, the elaborate pattern of the carpet, and the splendor of the central chandelier.
  • Visit the Sohar Royal Garden which is located at the centre of Sohar and adjacent to a big, beautiful mosque. Spend some peaceful and soothing time in the gardens. The garden is also used as a venue for a number of cultural and social activities.
  • Experience traditional shopping at the colourful Sohar Handicrafts Souq in the region of Al Hajra. Find just about every type of craft shop and various products from different industries. Check out the shops that sell leather, ceramics, cotton, and textiles.
  • Book a seat and enjoy a day at Camel Racing Track. Camel racing competitions have become a crucial part of the local life, an activity that dates centuries ago.
  • Take a break and walk along Sohar Corniche. Relax by the waterfront and take in the beauty Omar has to offer. Wander along the sandy beachside road that stretches from Sallan Park all the way to the Sohar Fort and Mosque, then to the Fish Harbor.
  • Watch the spectacular sunset from the Sohar Eye Park, a picturesque slice of greenery in the heart of Sohar. Enjoy a family picnic amongst nature and let the kids indulge in a variety of recreational activities.

Tips for travellers

Take a day trip out of the city to Wakan Village, a small mountain village in the Western Hajar Mountains. Hike up the mountain to the beautiful terraced gardens overlooking the surrounding mountains above and below Wadi Mistal. Witness beautiful blue skies with the clouds touching the mountain top. Find camels and goats around on either side of the road.

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