Flights to Ha'il

With the red sands of the Great Nafud Desert to the north and the craggy Shammar Mountains to the south, Ha’il is a city surrounded by the natural beauty of Saudi Arabia. Whether you’re travelling to the area for business or pleasure, our regular schedule of flights make for a stress-free journey to the Middle East.

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Things to do

Visit Castle A’arif

Sitting on a hill in the north of the city, Castle A’arif is one of the oldest buildings in Ha’il. Built in the late 17th century using clay and mud, this sand-coloured fortress is understated, gently blending into its surroundings. Today, guided tours are welcomed through its doors to learn about its surprising, action-filled history.

Climb Mount As-Samra

On the eastern border of the city, Mount As-Samra – also called Jabal Samra - offers sweeping views over the city, with a road to the summit leading from the Al Samraa Gardens below. When darkness falls, head back to the gardens and watch the side of the mountain light up with the emblem of Saudi Arabia.

Watch the Hail Desert Rally

Creating a stir in the Great Nafud Desert, the Hail Desert Rally draws drivers and spectators from all over the world to get lost in the dunes every January. This annual rally is an important event in the national calendar, shining the spotlight on the city and its natural wonders.

A guide to Ha'il

The desert city of Ha’il is an oasis of calm, surrounded by untainted natural wonders. The local economy is agricultural, known for its sweet dates, and the population is just a few hundred thousand. A far cry from the bigger, bolder cities of the south, Ha’il offers a quietly authentic Arabian experience.

Relive the days of yore

Explore the heritage of the city with a tour of the local structures and ruins. Castle A’arif and the Al Qishlah Fort share the same sandy appearance, despite being built over two centuries apart. These military buildings offer insight into the historical importance of the city, sitting on the camel route to Mecca. From subtle tones to statement facades, the Al Rajhi Mosque is another must-see while you’re in the area, with its symbolic domes and towering minarets.

Hit the shops

Ha’il is home to a collection of modern malls offering a wide range of well-known brands. In the south of the city, you’ll find the gleaming white Grand Mall while further north you can browse the spacious Hail Mall and Garden Mall. For a traditional shopping experience, join the crowds at the Friday Market. From spices to trinkets, this bustling souk is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir.

Relax in the parks

Enjoy a relaxing stroll around the city’s numerous parks and open spaces including Al Rasuf Park and Ugdah Park. If you’re travelling with children, head to Al Samraa Gardens in the shadows of Mount As-Samra. In addition to trees, lakes, and fountains, you’ll find an amusement park with a selection of fairground rides to keep youngsters entertained.

Venture into the desert

Take a tour of the steep dunes and red sands of the Great Nafud desert. Arrange a tour and drive out into the wilderness in a 4x4 where you can let the silence of the desert ring in your ears. If you’re lucky, you might see some camels on your journey, making for a picture-book Arabian adventure.

Explore the wider region

Ha’il is the capital of the wider Ha’il Region in Saudi Arabia. You’ll find all means of fascinating things tucked away in these sandy lands, including the white volcanoes, Mashar National parks and ancient rock art in Jubbah – now an official UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Useful information


Everyone travelling to Saudi Arabia must have a visa to enter the country. For specific details, consult your embassy in good time before your trip.


In Ha’il, the local currency is Saudi riyal (SAR). Money is circulated as both notes and coins, with 100 halalah equalling one riyal. Notes are worth 500, 100, 50, 10, 5 and 1 riyals. Circulated coins are worth 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 halalah.


The people of Ha’il speak Arabic, consistent with the rest of Saudi Arabia. You’ll find English speakers in some of the city’s hotels and many of the local tour guides can also communicate in English.


It will come as no surprise that the desert city of Ha’il enjoys a warm climate all year round. Average temperatures soar past 20 °C from March through to November, with little wind and only a sprinkling of rain on a handful of days between October and May.

Getting around

Hiring a car is useful when you’re in Ha’il. The main roads are well-maintained with impressive sculptures on the roundabouts and you’ll find plenty of parking by the city’s many malls. Please note, females cannot drive on public roads in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Railway Company (SAR) operates a modern, high-speed railway service which connects Ha’il to the rest of the country, calling at Qassim, Majmaah, and the capital city of Riyadh. SAR operates a regular service of day and night trains, with both economy and business class fares available.

Airport information

Ha’il Regional Airport is conveniently located just three kilometres from the city centre and is easily reached by transfer, taxi or hire car. In the terminal building you’ll find a selection of shops and restaurants to explore while you wait for your flight.

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