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Things to do

Smell the roses

If there was a hierarchy of flowers, the rose would reign supreme. Breathe in blooms at Al Gadhi Rose Factory - it’s the largest in Taif. Visiting is recommended between May and July, when the fragrant florals are harvested. It’s a pink-tinged cornucopia of rose water products, which you can use to scent clothes, bake with, add to drinks and even bathe in.

Picnic in the park

You’re never far from a park in Taif. There are so many green spots peppered throughout the city and surrounding areas, packed out with families enjoying relaxed alfresco suppers. Nature lovers can spend hours basking in the glory of the trees, lake, waterfall and even small zoo in Al Rudaf Park, a sprawling nature reserve.

Rub shoulders with royals


For all the city’s natural gems, there are plenty of man-made beauties to admire. Shubra Palace is one of them - a historic building housing a cultural centre, museum and library within its walls. Take a trip into Saudi royal history as you wander through the elegant architecture and roam the rooms that King Abdul Aziz once lived in.

A guide to Taif

When Jeddah’s temperatures peak, smart travellers head to Taif. Perched 1700m above sea level, its gentler climate makes the city Saudi Arabia’s summer capital. Even the king comes to stay. But it’s not just the weather that makes it a popular destination – there are plenty of other draws to fill your itinerary on a breezy Saudi Arabian break.

Soak up incredible views


You’ll wonder if the scenes have been Instagram-filtered as you take in the honey-hued vistas of the Sarawat mountains. The village of Al Shafa is arguably the city’s best beauty spot, with a whirl of orchards and gardens to explore. Pick up fresh figs, grapes and pomegranates as you meander through the lush orchards and gardens. Take a trip on Taif’s cable car for even more spectacular mountain views.

Explore historic hotspots


Taif is rife with remarkable granite rocks and among the weathered formations are a number of historic landmarks. Pay a visit to Okaz Souk, one of the oldest of its kind in the region, and you’ll still find a buzzing marketplace. Wander stalls piled high with crafts, perfumes and jewellery and pick up a few souvenirs to take home with you. Make sure Wadi Mitna, the sanctuary of Muhammad, is also on your to-do list – once a small house, a mosque now occupies the space where the Prophet’s supporters were thought to have sheltered him.

Eat like a local


During your trip to Taif, feast on saleeg, the city’s signature white-rice dish. Alongside traditional eateries where you can tuck into stuffed pancakes known locally as mutabbak, there are restaurants serving up a range of cuisines. Sample Indian, Pakistani and Chinese dishes while in Taif or if you’re after a quick bite to eat, there are several fast food chains to choose from.

Useful information


Before flying to Taif, obtain a visa from your local embassy. All visitors need one to enter Saudi Arabia.


You’ll use the Saudi Riyal (SAR) during your trip to Taif. Notes come in the following denominations: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500.


The official language spoken in Taif is Arabic, which you’ll see used in business and other communications. While this is the most common language, English is widely spoken too.


Many flock to Taif in the summer thanks to its cooler temperatures compared to other regions of the country, at an average of 36°C. During winter, temperatures dip to an average 9°C.

Getting around

You can make your way round Taif by a few modes of transport. Make the most of the city’s network of buses, jump in a taxi or hire a car.

Airport information

Taif Airport (TIF) is located close to the city centre, just a 15 minutes journey away by car. Once you’ve landed, take a taxi from outside arrivals or opt to hire a car.

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