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Things to do

Explore Asir National Parks

Leave the city behind and head to nearby Asir National Park. Wander the sprawling green space and head into the misty mountains and dense forests to see rare flora and fauna up close. You can expect to spot a variety of wildlife too, such as baboons, exotic birds, and more.

Enjoy a dose of shopping at Abha Souq

Dive into the city’s bazaar and find a treasure trove of local goods. Haggle over colourful handmade baskets, pretty pottery, jewellery, and an eclectic collection of spices.

Experience Dhee Ayn village

Venture to the ancient village of Dhee Ayn – you’ll see the dazzling historical site from afar, thanks to its impressive architecture. Wander the abandoned grey slate houses and marvel at their stark contrast with the white marble outcrop they’re built upon.

A guide to Abha

Abha shrugs off Saudi Arabia’s desert country image with its gloriously green mountain landscape. It sits more than 2,000 metres above sea level in the heart of the country’s south-west mountains. Milder than most other cities in the Kingdom, Abha’s weather means tourists flock here in search of cooler temperatures. 

Explore some of Saudi Arabia’s best natural wonders

Nature lovers will be in heaven when visiting this mountainous city. The area boasts some of the highest peaks in the country. There’s deep valleys, lush forests and green pastures galore. Navigate Abha’s network of cable cars and enjoy dramatic panoramic views of the Black Mountain and Lake Saad. Don’t forget to stop off at Habala, the hanging village built halfway down a cliff face. Now accessible via cable car, at one point in time, climbing up and down ropes was the only way to reach the secluded area.

Soak up history

Spend the day strolling through the busy city and enjoying the charming hilltop fortresses that make Abha so unique. For a glimpse of the region’s traditional architecture, make your way to Shadda Palace. The residence-cum-museum featuring intriguing exhibits bursting with local handicrafts. Once you’ve finished exploring Abha, head for the village of Rijal Alma. You’ll see examples of the area’s authentic mud and stone houses in all their rustic charm.

Experience family fun

Drive up the Green Mountain and enjoy a picnic with a view. The hill overlooks Abha and is particularly spectacular when night falls, beautifully illuminated by the green lights which zig zag up the hill side. If you’re visiting the city with kids in tow, make sure you visit Abha Palace Theme Park on the shores of Lake Saad and brave the rides for an ultra-fun day out.

Useful information


You may need a visa to visit Abha. Get in touch with the embassy to find out more details about the visa.


While you’re visiting Abha you’ll use the Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR). A range of notes are frequently used, including: 500, 100, 50, 10, 5, 1.


Arabic is Saudi Arabia’s principal language, but you’ll find that English is also widely spoken.


Due to its mountainous location, the weather in Abha varies season to season. If you visit the city between October and March, you’ll experience averages lows of 14°C. Head there in the summer and temperatures soar to more than 30°C.

Getting around

Travelling around Abha is easy, with plenty of options to choose from. Metered taxi services are available or you can catch one of several buses operated by the state-run bus company SAPTCO. Many international car hire agencies have offices in Saudi Arabia, so you can take to Abha’s roads yourself. 

Airport information

flydubai operates out of Abha International Airport (AHB), just 18km away from the city.

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