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Book a flight to Gassim and head to Saudi Arabia’s most fruitful province. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, get ready to explore this vast and beautiful destination.

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Things to do

Pick your own fresh fruits


Famed for its agricultural history and its delicious fruits, there is nothing quite like picking your own produce in Gassim. Visit Unaizah for its famous date palms and zesty citrus fruits.

Learn about Gassim’s history

A province with an ancient and exciting history, learning about the origins of Gassim is a must when visiting. Check out Buraydah Museum or head further afield to the Al Masmak Fort and discover the past of this intriguing destination.

Explore the desert


A large proportion of Gassim is covered by golden, undulating sand dunes, ideal for bringing out the explorer in you. Head to the Nafud area in the east of Gassim and take part in a desert safari, to really get a feel of the vast and picturesque landscape.

A guide to Gassim


Located right in the middle of Saudi Arabia, Gassim has it all. From sweeping deserts to immense fruit farms, this destination is packed with vitality and excitement. Fly to Gassim and delve into everything this beautiful region has to offer.

Discover Saudi Arabia’s landscape

The province of Gassim is widely known as the agricultural capital of Saudi Arabia, and with this prestigious title comes beautiful and exotic landscapes to explore. Head to Unaizah to see palm trees in their millions. Once you’ve taken in all the greenery, check out the rustic orange of the sand dunes that cover the land. You can even get the adrenaline pumping and take part in Tat’aees, the Saudi Arabian sport of dune driving.

Markets like no other


Gassim’s markets are lively and vibrant destinations, which demonstrate loud and proud all that makes the country so unique. All of the major cities have their own markets, but the ancient date market in Buraydah is definitely worth a visit. The centre for trades and crafts in the middle of the city is also a must for traditional Saudi Arabian crafts. But the real star of the show has got to be the world’s largest camel market, Al Hassa with thousands of camels for sale.

A very historic city


Head off the beaten track a little and journey north of Gassim into the Al-Jouf province to visit the city of Dumat al-Jandal. The ruins of this ancient city are an impressive sight in the midst of the desert, and stand as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s varied past. Learn about the battle of Dumat al-Jandal and head inside the fortress for a glimpse of history, or even roam the ancient quarters.

Get a taste for Saudi sweets

As a producer of so many zesty and exotic fruits, Gassim also has plenty of fruit based sweets for you to try. Taste some delicious pomegranate jelly, or pick up some cinnamon date cake. Widely available throughout Gassim, no trip to this fruitful province would be the same without picking up the local flavours.

Useful information


Before you start your trip to Saudi Arabia, check with your embassy about what visa documentation you’ll need. It’ll depend on your home country.


Whilst in the country you’ll be using the national currency– the Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR). Frequently used notes include: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 riyals.


Arabic is the official national language of Saudi Arabia, but English is also widely spoken.


Be ready for hot weather throughout the year in Gassim. Temperatures only dip to around 23°C during winter months and reach scorching average highs of 44°C throughout summer.

Getting around

Most major cities in Saudi Arabia are accessible by taxi or bus. You can also hire a car if you wish to explore the country further. Please note: women are not allowed to drive on public roads in Saudi Arabia.

Airport information

Book a flight to Gassim and you’ll fly to Gassim Regional Airport (ELQ), located 27km to the southwest of Buraydah.

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