Journey to the beautiful kingdom by booking one of flydubai’s wide range of flights to Saudi Arabia. Pick from 10 destinations across the country including Abha, Dammam, Gassim, Gizan, Ha’il, Jeddah, Madinah, Riyadh, Tabuk or Taif.

Your Arabian adventure begins in the comfort of our cleverly designed cabins engineered for an enjoyable on-board experience.

Your Arabian adventure begins in the comfort of our cleverly designed cabins – all our aircraft have been engineered for an enjoyable on-board experience. Whether you’re visiting Saudi Arabia for work or for a weekend with friends and family, we’ll help you stay connected as you cruise through the sky. Take advantage of our inbuilt Wi-Fi or lose yourself in a world of entertainment with our wide range of TV programmes, films, games and music.

Our services don’t begin and end with our aircraft – from booking your ticket to arriving home, we work hard to ensure your experience with flydubai is smooth and efficient. Save time at the airport by checking in online at destinations across Saudi Arabia. Online check-in opens 48 hours before your flight and closes 75 minutes prior to departure, meaning all you need to do is drop your bags off, head straight through security and on to the comfort of your departure lounge.

If you choose to fly Business Class, expect a premier and personal experience. Generous legroom, Italian leather seats and cuisine from all corners of the globe are all part of the service while you soar through the sky in our luxurious Business Class surroundings.

Things to do

Uncover history


Take a fascinating trip through time, with an extensive collection of sights that stretch from the Lihyanite kingdom to the Ottoman era. And be sure to explore the Madain Saleh, which is one of the country’s many archaeological treasures, attracting visitors in their droves.

Experience natural beauty

Discover remarkably different landscapes in various pockets of the country, where beauty knows no limits. Go diving in the Red Sea, venture across the desert by camel and scale the towering Sarawat Mountains.

Unmissable fine dining

Experience new culinary heights at the endless restaurants found throughout the kingdom’s towns and cities. From authentic local specialities, to dishes inspired by far-flung locations, sample the best of the best during your stay in Saudi Arabia.

A guide to Saudi Arabia

A wealthy country bursting with both historic wonders and modern gems, Saudi Arabia is one of the Middle East’s best treasures. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, head here and you’ll find ancient attractions, Bedouin feasts, sprawling deserts and cosmopolitan cities.


Indulge in retail therapy

The capital city of Riyadh is the country’s ultra-modern metropolis, with soaring towers, glamorous hotels and world-class dining spots. Shopping lovers will be in heaven here, with a wide variety of souqs, malls and boutiques offering everything from authentic handicrafts to designer goods.

Dive beneath the surface

Venture further west and you’ll find Jeddah, a coastal city with the glittering Red Sea on its doorstep. Jeddah’s impressive location has made it a world-class centre for diving, where you can uncover beautiful underwater worlds. Long stretches of beach mean there are plenty of perfect paddling spots for little ones and make for great camel rides across the sand. If you’d prefer to enjoy the water from dry land, seafood is a speciality in Jeddah, with restaurant menus bursting with crab, lobster and mussels.

Explore ancient history

Saudi Arabia is full of wonderful old world delights. Make sure you tick off must-see sights such as Madain Saleh, Tabuk Castle and Old Al Ula. It’s these ancient landmarks that make the country so historically rich.

Useful information


Every foreign visitor needs to obtain an entry visa before travelling to Saudi Arabia – but the type you need will depend on your individual circumstances. They can vary from work to visitor visas – click here for more information.


While visiting Saudi Arabia, you’ll use the national currency - Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR). A range of notes are frequently used, available in the following denominations: 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1.


The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabic, although English is widely spoken. You may also find the official language of Pakistan – Urdu - being spoken among non-Saudis.


During your stay in Saudi Arabia, you can enjoy the country’s desert climate. By day you’ll experience extremely high temperatures and by night they’ll plummet sharply. During the summer, temperatures have been known to hit 54 °C, whereas winter can bring lows of 0 °C.

Getting around

Transport choices will vary depending on whereabouts in Saudi Arabia you are, but in most major towns and cities you’ll find taxis, buses and car rentals widely available. Please note women are not allowed to drive on public roads in Saudi Arabia.

Airport information

flydubai operates out of 13 destinations across Saudi Arabia, covering most regions and cities. The majority of these airports are well connected, with parking and taxis readily available.

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