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Sprawling on the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, Pattaya is called the "Hawaii of the East" for all the right reasons. Whether or not you love sunbathing or swimming in the sea, the eclectic air of the city is sure to redefine your travel experience.

Soak in the abundance of sunshine at the beautiful beaches of the city that take pride in their crystal-clear waters. Delight your taste buds with the delicious and mouth-watering street food that Pattaya is known for. And make sure to go shopping at the floating market - because this one is a must.

Things to see and do in Pattaya

  • Tour Thailand’s magnificent, and largest wooden castle, the Sanctuary of Truth. This intricately carved is a hybrid of a castle and a temple with beautiful sculptures and carvings that reflect the worldview of wisdom and are themed on Buddhist and Hindu beliefs.
  • Savouring Pattaya’s street food should definitely be on your travel bucket list. From a galore of restaurants lined up to food carts, the Thai delights must be tried and tasted to experience the rich and authentic taste of Thai food.
  • Visit the Big Buddha Temple that crowns the Pratumnak hills. This statue of Buddha is one of the biggest in Thailand. Spend time under the peaceful and divine smile on the face of the golden statue.
  • Delve into the authentic Thai experience by taking a trip to the floating market. The market is split into four sections, selling items from the Central, North, South, and Northeast parts of Thailand. Splurge on local art, souvenirs, local eateries, and many aesthetic artefacts while you're there.
  • Take a break from your activities and head straight to the Koh Larn for unbothered space. Glorified by white-sand beaches, this destination is 30 minutes of a boat ride away from Pattaya. Whether you want to indulge in water activities or have a retreat by a white-sand beach, Koh Larn will suit your preferences.
  • When you are in Pattaya, and your checklist seeks something more thrilling and marvellous, then you don’t want to miss the Dolphinarium. At this one-of-a-kind entertainment centre, you can watch dolphins more closely and take as many pictures as you want. On top of that, you can play around and swim with these beautiful creatures. In case you are an admirer of nature, you have to visit there at least once.

Tips for travellers

Enjoy the authentic beauty of the Thai town of Chanthaburi. Take a day trip to this charming town, set on the banks of the Chanthaburi River in eastern Thailand. Experience the natural beauty of Thailand's countryside with sandy beaches, waterfalls, picturesque churches, and temples.

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