11 Best Luxurious Getaways 2022

There are many exciting destinations that offer memorable itineraries for a lavish getaway. You can enjoy decadent cuisine while dining at the poolside, plan a peaceful walk on the evening beach, or simply enjoy the palatial rooms and suites. Lastly, exploring the famous cultural traditions these beautiful destinations hold can be just the thing missing from your to-do list for an unforgettable holiday. We have curated the 15 best luxury getaways you can add to your list and the most exciting things to do on your vacation. Let's dive in!

Delve in Djibouti, Africa

Djibouti - The Horn of Africa is a lavish paradise and home to many exquisite and breathtaking sights. Be it the fun and frolic in Lake Assal or the fine and peaceful Hamoudi Mosque, there is much to dig into. You can enjoy the stunning views of the Gulf of Tadjoura, lounging by one of the two zero-edge pools, which are also the ideal place to watch the perfect sunset. The Day Forest National Park and the Khor Ambado Beach are other irresistible attractions. Shop some of your favourite products from the famous Grande Pecherie and discover the incredible deals and products. Complete your day with some real water adventures and Dolphin Excursions at the luxury getaway.

Explore Asmara, Eritrea

Start your journey with the beautiful surroundings and calming vibes at the Cattedrale di Asmara. Whether your visit there is related to work or just a vacation getaway, you will have a rich experience in this rare country. Charming architecture like the Fiat Taglieri and exciting landmarks like the Tank Graveyard will add an aesthetic experience to your trip.

Visit Juba, South Sudan

One of the most sought-after five-star getaways in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. It is popular for its exclusive, premium ambiance and unmatched sites that make this place extraordinary. The soothing White Nile and the reviving Acacia village ensure a wonderful stay there. The hotel rooms provide a beautiful view of the city of Juba and examples of the exquisite local heritage you can explore. The Konyo Konyo Market and Mukunda Palace are famous attractions. All Saints Cathedral and the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church will add a touch of divinity to this luxurious experience.

Plan a vacation in Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan is the largest city in Armenia, as well as the capital of this flourishing country. The city is another naturally prosperous destination to add to your getaway list. The enticing Armenian charm unites the impeccable history with modern attractions of the luxury destination. You can go for memorable day trips or a fantastic historical tour to discover the beautiful city. The Republic Square, Hayravank Monastery, and the Khor Vinap Monastery are some gripping locations. The city is known for its parks, museums, and historical sites. Explore the wine heaven by visiting the famous Arena Wine factory during your beguiling vacation at Yerevan.

Experience the noble city of Baku in Azerbaijan

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Baku - the largest city on the Caspian sea and in the Caucasus region, is the capital of Azerbaijan. It is a destination where you can enjoy all the luxury and comfort in just one place.

Explore the incredible and essential heritage of the city by planning a trip here. The mosque where the minarets’ have a gold-made top, the Heydar Aliyev Centre, and the historic city center ‘Icherisheher’ will indeed unveil an ethnic and cultural image of the place. The flame-shaped skyscrapers and the night view of the Deniz Kenari Milli Park will surely soothe your eyes. By planning a trip today, prepare to have an unforgettable experience at the beautiful site.

Know about Minsk, Belarus

Minsk, the capital of Belarus, exudes elegance and is a perfectly situated destination for leisure and business travel. Experience the pleasure of serene views and the cozy atmosphere of Belarus in its largest city. The quirky Museum Strana Mini, State Museum of the History of Great Patriotic war, and the National Opera Ballet and theatre of the royal city will give you an experience like never before. Another significant attraction is the Island of Tears which has statues of tearful women giving a detailed view of human emotions. The Minsk-Arena Complex and the Upper City are must-visit.

Get in the beauty of Helsinki, Finland

Finland’s Southern Capital, known as Helsinki, attracts millions of tourists annually to witness its beauty and grandeur. You can visit the famous Helsinki Cathedral if you plan to do something fascinating while staying here and enjoying its elegance. Also, visit the Seurasaari open-air museum to observe the traditional Finnish culture. Other attractions are The National Library of Finland, the Ateneum- art museum, and Esplanadi Park.

Move to Moscow, Russia, for a fun weekend

Moscow, the heart of the Russian capital, provides luxurious facilities with other modern amenities. The place is adorned with various architectural and historical sites to mark its superiority. The beauty of St. Basil's Cathedral, the vast Moscow Kremlin, and the State Tretyakov Gallery are some of the prominent locations alluring travellers across the world. Take some time to carry out this excellent vacation embellished with luxurious self-care. Book your flight with flydubai to have a wonderful getaway in Moscow.

Know some more about Pisa, Italy

Pisa - well known for its leaning tower, is among the most exciting cities in Italy, with plenty of things to see and do. The Piazza del Duomo, Cattedrale di Pisa, and Battistero di San Giovanni are major tourist attractions. The tranquil environment close to the Apuan Alps, the San Rossore Park, and the green mountains make the place a fantastic getaway.

Enjoy at Tivat, Montenegro

The coastal town of Montenegro is one of the most exciting and premium tourist destinations. The popular beaches, the classic island known as the ‘Lady of rocks', and the lush mountain peak in the city make it worth a visit. Tivat has many beaches to soothe and comfort your exhaustion.

Celebrate at the Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece, is one of the best destinations in Europe. The vibrant Greek Island is on the top when it comes to celebrations or small gatherings. The little Venice Mykonos Quarter seems to be a real-life recreation of an artist’s paintings, and the Kato Milli will help you know more about wind directions. Another beautiful location includes the inland excursion to Ano Mera, also known as the Panagia Tourliani. Add vibrant colours and Byzantine relics to your bucket list and learn history most excitingly.

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