Adventurous things to do in Tanzania

Africa and adventure are synonymous, and there are many African countries where tourists can indulge in adventurous activities. Tanzania is also home to Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain peak in Africa. If you are a thrill seeker, you will find many activities for an adrenalin rush in this African country. Flying to Tanzania from Dubai is now easy, as you can easily book your flight through flydubai. Apart from booking flights, you will find amazing discounts on the Tanzanian accommodations that you book through the portal of flydubai. In the following section, you’ll find some activities that you can enjoy in Tanzania.

Mountain trekking


You cannot give mountain trekking a miss if you come to the land of Mount Kilimanjaro. While you may have heard many things about Kilimanjaro, you may not know much about Mount Meru, the sister mountain of Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru is a fabulous destination for tourists, as the place offers many trekking routes. Both beginners and experienced climbers will find many trekking options here. You can choose a trekking trip for a couple of days. On the other hand, there are more than ten days of trekking packages. You can book the packages from local agencies and arrange professional guides for the trips.

Surfing in Tanzania


Tanzania is also known for its beaches, where you can enjoy surfing on the azure seawater. Jambiani, a tiny fishing village in Tanzania, offers an excellent atmosphere for surfing and enjoying ecotourism. Surfing enthusiasts can try different versions of surfing, such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, etc. In addition, the small fishing village offers some beautiful restaurants and cafés where you can relax and enjoy delicious local delicacies.

Diving and snorkelling

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Zanzibar is your destination in Tanzania if you love diving and snorkelling. Diving is fun as you go on a tour of marine wildlife. You will find colourful fishes and many unique sea creatures. Beginners can undergo diving training in the local schools, and it is typically a small course. If you are an experienced diver, you can visit Pemba Island, the northern part of Tanzania. Pemba Island, also known as Green Island, offers many coral reefs to observe marine wildlife.

Chimpanzee trekking


The Mahale Mountain is where you can enjoy unique chimpanzee trekking. Situated on the western side of the country, the Mahale Mountains range offers lush green forests famous for chimpanzees. As the tour name suggests, the trekkers will explore the wild residences of the chimpanzee. They live in dense forests, and thus it is a thrilling experience to observe these animals in their backyards.

Wildlife safari


Tanzania offers various forest safari trips to tourists. These safaris aim to make tourists well-versed in the wildlife of the country. You will explore the natural inhabitants of the forests. Along with beautiful herbivores, you will find dangerous carnivores. From beautiful zebras to mighty lions, the forest safari will give you glimpses of the stunning wild animals of the country.

Bike safari

Tanzania is the land of mountains and forests, and thus bicycle riding can be a thrilling experience in this country. There are many places where you can enjoy the activity. Tourists can rent bicycles and accessories. They can visit mountain trails, jungles, and other places by riding bicycles.

So, these are the things you can do in Tanzania if you are an adventure lover. You will find beautiful forests and magnificent mountain ranges which bid a warm welcome to the country. You can book your flight to Tanzania through flydubai, a trusted place for booking flights, hotels, guided tours, and many more.

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