Places to visit in Dhaka city

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, is one of the most important cities in Southeast Asia. The city is home to around 16 million people. The city has undergone rapid expansion to accommodate the fast-growing population. As a result, it creates a unique blend of modernity and antiquity. Travellers will find two parts of the city: Old Dhaka and New Dhaka. As the name implies, Old Dhaka is all about tradition, culture, history, and heritage. On the other hand, New Dhaka features high-rise hotel buildings, beautiful monuments, posh restaurants, and many other hi-tech tourist attractions. Dhaka has an international airport, and thus tourists can find flights to the city from different destinations. For example, you can book your flight to Dhaka from Dubai through flydubai. In the following section, find a guide to Dhaka's most attractive tourist places.

Pink Palace

The iconic Pink Palace, also locally known as Ahsan Manzil, is a must-visit sightseeing destination in Dhaka. The palace offers glimpses into the history of feudalism in Bengal. During British colonial rule, Nawab Abdul Gani built this palace. After a tornado caused significant damage to the palace 16 years on, the palace was rebuilt, and it became an even more emphatic and mesmerizing reconstruction.

Lalbag Fort


Another historical destination of the city is the Lalbag Fort. According to historians, the fort was developed in the Mughal period. A well-maintained garden surrounds the building. Therefore, you can spend time exploring the nooks and crannies of the place. The fort also hosts a small museum that exhibits Mughal paintings, calligraphies, firearms, weapons, and many more.



Sightseeing in Dhaka should include a visit to Sadarghat, one of Asia's largest river ports. According to official reports, around 30,000 people use the port daily to reach their destinations. The bustling place reflects the culture and lifestyle of people in the city. You can try mouth-watering street food here. You can enjoy a ferry ride, though ferries remain crowded in most cases.

Armenian church

The ancient Armenian church is one of the major tourist attractions of Dhaka, and it was developed in the 17th century. A peaceful aura makes the place divine and auspicious. The church is well-maintained, though Armenians are an extinct community in Dhaka. You can visit during the evening prayer to observe the religious rituals in the church.

Dhakeshwari Temple


Your trip to Dhaka will be incomplete without visiting the Dhakeshwari Temple. Travellers should visit the place for two reasons. Firstly, the place is religious, as the Hindu goddess is worshipped in this temple. Secondly, the place has historical significance. According to historians, Dhaka is named after the Dhakeshwari Temple. This state-owned 500 years old temple is a heritage site of the city.

Star Mosque


Star Mosque is an 18th-century mosque that was built with mosaic stars. Since the walls are developed and decorated with mosaic stars, the mosque is known as the Star Mosque. The architecture of the mosque resembles the Mughal-style construction. The place is sacred, and hundreds of people come for prayers every day.

Liberation War Museum

Bangladesh was liberated in 1971 after a long freedom struggle that snatched many precious lives. The Bangladeshi government developed the Liberation War Museum in memory of the people who sacrificed their lives for its liberation. Tourists should visit the museum to learn about the glorious history of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

These are the major tourist attractions in Dhaka. Apart from the significant sightseeing destinations, tourists should explore the local foods. A rickshaw ride in this bustling city is also a unique experience. Book your flight to Dhaka via flydubai if you plan a vacation to this beautiful city.

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