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Amazing destinations to explore this summer

Experience the perfect beach holiday, get smitten by nature’s breath-taking beauty, dine at the finest restaurants, and keep your adventure alive as flydubai takes you to places you haven’t been before.

To make your summer more exciting, we've picked three exciting destinations for you to explore: Tivat in Montenegro, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Salalah in Oman.

Plan your getaways with flydubai, we’ll take you where you want to be this summer.

Tivat - Montenegro

Tivat, Montenegro

Two weekly flights from 24 June 2022 till 16 September 2022

Tivat is known for its attractive destinations, lovely weather, and sun-kissed beaches.

Located in the central part of the Boka Kotorska bay (Bay of Kotor) – a UNESCO World Heritage site, Tivat is known for its attractive destinations, lovely weather, and sun-kissed beaches. Despite being the youngest city of the Boka region, there are heaps of places you can visit: The Renaissance Summer House Buca, Flower Island with sacred monuments, Gornja Lastva - the old nucleus at an altitude of 300 m, the gorgeous beach at Plavi Horizonti, and the St. Nikola Island.
This small and magnificent city has a natural marina Kalimanj and offers its visitors about 17 well-arranged beaches equipped with beach bars, cafés and restaurants, terraces and children’s play areas. Beaches in Tivat are your perfect spot for a sun-bathe, swim, or to relax by the water with an exotic cocktail. The place offers you everything you would crave for on your summer holiday.
Sea Promenade - Montenegro Sea promenade
Local Cuisine - Montenegro Local cuisine
Budva - Montenegro Budva

Things to see and do

  • Your trip to Tivat isn’t complete if you haven’t been to Porto Montenegro. A state-of-the-art marina for luxury yachts, located on the Bay of Kotor. Check out the stunning and luxurious yachts while you indulge in some good food at the local restaurants by the marina or spend the afternoon shopping, or relaxing at a spa.
  • The city of Kotor is a must-do and tops the list for every visitor. Being only 20 min away from Tivat it’s known for its splendid, gorgeous, and breath-taking beauty. The old city is a well preserved urbanisation typical of the middle ages, built between the 12th and 14th century.
  • Enjoy local performances and shows in the neighboring Budva, as it turns into a City Theatre during summer. Take a walk through shops, galleries, cafes, and check out Stanjevici, Podostrog, Resevici, and Gradiste monasteries.
  • Want to capture the best panoramic views of Montenegro? Take a trip further afield to the Lovcen National Park. Visit the magnificent Petar II Petrovic-Njegos Mausoleum, situated at the top of its second-highest peak (1657 m). Plan a hiking trip and get your most comfortable shoes on, as you will need to climb 461 steps up to the most beautiful view from the top of the mountain.

Salalah Ayn Athum waterfall

Salalah, Oman

If your ideal holiday includes winding down and being one with nature, Salalah has much to offer.

Oman’s second largest city boasts a mild, cool climate through most of the year, attracting visitors from neighbouring gulf countries and beyond. If your ideal holiday includes winding down and being one with nature, Salalah has much to offer.
Salalah’s climate, with its khareef (monsoon) season means that the area is rich in plants and wildlife, including species more commonly found in Africa, like leopards, hyenas and baobab trees. Plantations of bananas and papayas give the area a really tropical feel, even though it’s surrounded by desert. Wadi Shuwaymiyah is one of the most popular in the region. You may also have the opportunity to go for a dip in one of the many natural hot pools along the wadis. The more adventurous can go mountain climbing and admire the stunning scenery from above.

Things to see and do

  • Wander around the ruins of Kohr Rori, an ancient fortified port dating from 100 BC.
  • Explore the ruins of the ancient city of Zafar at the Al Baleed Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Take a quiet moment and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at the Tomb of Nabi Ayoub, where there’s a small mosque and a garden of flowering trees.
  • See waterfalls, caves, lakes and mountains at the Wadi Darbat natural park, around 20 km east of the city. Make sure to visit during khareef to see the countryside at its most green and lively.
  • Buy local frankincense and perfumes at the Al-Husn Souk. You’ll also find Omani clothes and textiles on offer.
Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Three weekly flights from 23 June 2022 till 02 October 2022

Dubrovnik is a true slice of Croatian paradise and one of Europe's most popular mediterranean destinations.

One of Europe's most popular mediterranean destinations, Croatia's pristine beaches, ancient coastal towns and national parks make for an invigorating holiday. Head south to Dubrovnik, a beautiful walled city on the Dalmatian coast famous for its narrow streets and quaint cafes.
With its unique terracotta roofs, glistening limestone streets and hospitable locals, Dubrovnik is a true slice of Croatian paradise. Venture to this Adriatic gem to uncover ancient history and incredible architecture.
Old City - Dubrovnik Old city
Local Cuisine - Dubrovnik Local cuisine (grilled squids)
Cable Cars - Dubrovnik Cable cars

Things to see and do

  • Stroll the shimmering streets of the Old Town, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander down the café-lined walkways or venture off the beaten track into one of the many unique and charming alleys, where you’ll find a variety of local restaurants and shops tucked just out of sight.
  • Tuck into delicious Dalmatian cuisine and dine on modern European dishes when in Dubrovnik. Pantarul in Lapad is a go-to for traditional flavours, while LAJK is a must for fresh seafood in the heart of the Old Town.
  • Head seaward and take a ferry to the nearby island of Lokrum. This lush oasis is only 10 minutes away and is the perfect place to enjoy a day of tranquillity. Visit the island’s medieval Benedictine monastery or go to the beach for a dip in the stunning azure sea.

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