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Tickets and fares

What types of fare does flydubai offer?

Our fares are designed to give you maximum benefits and flexibility. With three types of Economy Class fares and one type of Business Class fare to choose from, you can plan your journey with absolute convenience. If you're planning to travel on our codeshare flight, we also have fare types for our partner airlines. Select a fare that suits your budget, and travel with comfort and style.

Our fares types

  • Economy Class : Lite, Value, and Flex
  • Business Class : Business

Partner airlines fares types

  • Economy Class
  • Business Class

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Need further assistance?

You can get in touch with us if you have any further queries.

Why couldn't I get the lowest fare?

flydubai fares rise as more seats are sold. Seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. If you can't get the lowest fare, it simply means one of your fellow passengers has got there first.

Can I get a refund on my fare?

Unless applicable laws provide otherwise, we don't offer cash refunds because of processing costs, but if you decide to cancel your flight, we will issue a voucher to use for future travel with flydubai.

Can I choose my seat before I fly?

Yes. You can choose and pre-book your seat at an additional cost. The cost will depend on the seat you select and will be clearly shown on the seat map during your booking.

Does flydubai issue tickets?

We'll issue you with an electronic booking confirmation once your booking has been paid for.

How can I get a group fare?

A group is classified as ten or more passengers (adults and children) travelling together under a single booking reference. Special group fares may be available on select routes depending on the number of passengers travelling. For group bookings please send us an email on

Can I change the name of a passenger on my booking?

No. We don't allow name changes.

Does flydubai offer child discounts?

No, unless it's for an infant sharing a parent's seat. If we offered child discounts, adult fares would have to rise to compensate.

However, there are some differences in taxes for children, so if your child is over 2 and under 12 years (for the whole duration of their journey) you should book them as a child. The fare will be the same as an adult fare, but the taxes might be lower.

I made my booking online – where can I change or cancel it?

I made my booking through the Customer Centre – where can I change or cancel it?

I made my booking through a travel shop – where can I change or cancel it?

You can change or cancel your booking through the travel shop who made the original booking or through flydubai Customer Centre.

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