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Dubai DXB

Economy Class from LKR 29,741
Business Class from LKR 49,147
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Unbeatable shopping, golden beaches and exciting nightlife – there's something for everyone in Dubai
Discover Dubai
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Abha AHB

Economy Class from LKR 54,864
Business Class from LKR 102,306
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Escape the heat and get back to nature in this picturesque provincial capital
Discover Abha
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Almaty ALA

Economy Class from LKR 69,993
Business Class from LKR 200,846
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Enjoy a warm Kazakh welcome in this cosmopolitan city nestled beneath snow-capped mountains
Discover Almaty
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Amman AMM

Economy Class from LKR 42,354
Business Class from LKR 69,367
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The perfect place to kick-start an unforgettable journey through Jordan
Discover Amman
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Ashgabat ASB

Economy Class from LKR 69,095
Business Class from LKR 137,771
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Stroll alongside camels in a desert bazaar and discover the secrets of this colourful capital
Discover Ashgabat
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Astana TSE

Economy Class from LKR 68,756
Business Class from LKR 196,507
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Discover Astana - Kazakhstan’s young, futuristic capital
Discover Astana
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Baku GYD

Economy Class from LKR 69,663
Business Class from LKR 166,466
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Glossy skyscrapers loom above ancient heritage buildings in this burgeoning port city
Discover Baku
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Beirut BEY

Economy Class from LKR 38,693
Business Class from LKR 71,032
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Chill out in cafes, soak up the sun and dance the night away in this charismatic Mediterranean capital
Discover Beirut
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Belgrade BEG

Economy Class from LKR 69,407
Business Class from LKR 190,916
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Explore Serbia’s vibrant capital
Discover Belgrade
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Bishkek FRU

Economy Class from LKR 67,199
Business Class from LKR 248,630
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Immerse yourself in Kyrgyz culture and discover a true hidden gem
Discover Bishkek
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Bratislava BTS

Economy Class from LKR 68,052
Business Class from LKR 155,208
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Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital, is a welcoming city of old narrow streets, stunning scenery and abundant history
Discover Bratislava
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Bucharest OTP

Economy Class from LKR 68,085
Business Class from LKR 152,317
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Enjoy the lively cafés and unique museums of Romania’s capital
Discover Bucharest
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Doha DOH

Economy Class from LKR 27,738
Business Class from LKR 49,294
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Explore bustling souks and set off for a desert safari from this lively capital
Discover Doha
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Dushanbe DYU

Economy Class from LKR 69,502
Business Class from LKR 162,765
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Learn about Tajikistan’s rich culture in its thriving capital, Dushanbe
Discover Dushanbe
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Gassim ELQ

Economy Class from LKR 47,727
Business Class from LKR 91,806
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Explore enchanting desert cities and visit a camel market in this central Saudi Arabian province
Discover Gassim
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Istanbul SAW

Economy Class from LKR 60,082
Business Class from LKR 190,131
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Immerse yourself in history, relax, explore and shop in this lively and captivating metropolis
Discover Istanbul
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Jouf AJF

Economy Class from LKR 54,470
Business Class from LKR 101,466
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Discover 4,000 years of history in Jouf
Discover Jouf
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Kazan KZN

Economy Class from LKR 81,724
Business Class from LKR 176,063
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Immerse yourself in 1,000 years of history in this diverse and dynamic city, Russia’s gateway between east and west
Discover Kazan
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Kiev IEV

Economy Class from LKR 93,986
Business Class from LKR 123,237
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Medieval cathedrals and Soviet monuments sit side by side in perfect harmony in this beautiful, vibrant city
Discover Kiev
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Krasnodar KRR

Economy Class from LKR 67,764
Business Class from LKR 93,621
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Discover a regional capital that’s the gateway to the area’s coastal and ski resorts
Discover Krasnodar
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Kuwait KWI

Economy Class from LKR 29,660
Business Class from LKR 48,993
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With world-class dining, shopping, culture and architecture, Kuwait City is a thoroughly modern capital in the heart of the Middle East
Discover Kuwait
Mineralnye Vody
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Mineralnye Vody MRV

Economy Class from LKR 67,830
Business Class from LKR 127,984
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Take in the mineral spas, ski and trek in the magnificent Caucasus mountains
Discover Mineralnye Vody
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Moscow VKO

Economy Class from LKR 68,170
Business Class from LKR 130,333
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With its vibrant cultural attractions, fascinating history and burgeoning shopping and nightlife, Moscow is one of the world’s most exciting cities to explore.
Discover Moscow
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Odessa ODS

Economy Class from LKR 69,102
Business Class from LKR 146,260
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Explore 200 years of history and culture on the shores of the Black Sea
Discover Odessa
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Prague PRG

Economy Class from LKR 70,588
Business Class from LKR 171,589
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Find out why Prague is one of the most visited cities in the world
Discover Prague
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Rostov-on-Don ROV

Economy Class from LKR 67,405
Business Class from LKR 121,960
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Stroll the leafy parks and pavement cafés of this busy port, known as Russia’s gateway to the Black Sea
Discover Rostov-on-Don
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Samara KUF

Economy Class from LKR 85,255
Business Class from LKR 167,742
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Sandy beaches and Stalin’s bunker make this riverside city a must-visit on a trip to central Russia
Discover Samara
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Sarajevo SJJ

Economy Class from LKR 96,145
Business Class from LKR 248,242
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Enjoy an east-meets-west atmosphere in this vibrant European city.
Discover Sarajevo
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Skopje SKP

Economy Class from LKR 96,259
Business Class from LKR 281,546
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With its mix of modern buildings and Ottoman influences, there’s plenty to enjoy in this intriguing little capital
Discover Skopje
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Sofia SOF

Economy Class from LKR 70,280
Business Class from LKR 141,002
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Both ancient and modern, Sofia is the eastern European city with a Mediterranean heart
Discover Sofia
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Tabuk TUU

Economy Class from LKR 59,403
Business Class from LKR 89,006
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Experience the rich archaeological wonders and modern amenities of this north-west Saudi Arabian city
Discover Tabuk
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Tbilisi TBS

Economy Class from LKR 68,257
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Start your Georgian adventure in the country’s fascinating capital
Discover Tbilisi
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Tehran IKA

Economy Class from LKR 91,310
Business Class from LKR 142,991
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Discover Iran’s exciting, cosmopolitan capital
Discover Tehran
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Yekaterinburg SVX

Economy Class from LKR 67,647
Business Class from LKR 183,234
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Experience modern Russia in the final resting place of the Tsars
Discover Yekaterinburg

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