Introducing Business Class

Looking for extra comfort and convenience when you travel? That’s why we’ve rolled out Business Class to more than 85 destinations on our network.

Fly business to more than 85 destinations

When you have meetings in a different country every day. When you simply want to disconnect and finally go onto your overdue holiday. You need an airline that gives you the comforts of home when you’re miles away from it.

Book today and enjoy our attractive return business class fares and a great onboard experience.

Bahrain AED 1,900 Book now
Dammam AED 2,500 Book now
Doha  AED 1,900 Book now
Jeddah AED 3,000 Book now
Kuwait AED 1,900 Book now
Muscat AED 1,900 Book now
Riyadh AED 3,600 Book now
Taif AED 3,500 Book now


Middle East
Alexandria AED 4,000 Book now
Amman AED 2,900 Book now
Baghdad AED 8,104 Book now
Basra AED 7,448 Book now
Beirut AED 2,900 Book now


Caucasus, Central Asia and Europe
Almaty AED 6,966 Book now
Ashgabat AED 4,776 Book now
Baku AED 4,190 Book now
Belgrade AED 7,500 Book now
Bratislava AED 8,500 Book now
Bucharest AED 5,600 Book now
Moscow AED 5,990 Book now
Prague AED 7,850 Book now
Sarajevo AED 7,800 Book now
Sofia AED 8,000 Book now
Tbilisi AED 3,932 Book now
Zagreb AED 7,800 Book now


Indian Subcontinent and Africa
Colombo AED 2,900 Book now
Dar es Salam AED 6,611 Book now
Delhi AED 2,100 Book now
Entebbe AED 6,500 Book now
Hyderabad AED 2,100 Book now
Juba AED 11,155 Book now
Kabul AED 4,400 Book now
Karachi AED 1,900 Book now
Khartoum AED 4,180 Book now
Kochi AED 2,100 Book now
Mumbai AED 2,100 Book now
Thiruvananthapuram AED 2,100 Book now

Ready for business

We’re dedicated to providing choice, flexibility and a better travel experience for all our customers. And now, with our new business class service, you can choose an even more comfortable and personal flying experience. As well as the frequency and reliability you’ve come to expect with flydubai, you can now enjoy a business class service to a growing number of destinations, including some that have never offered business class air travel before.

The dedicated business team

At the end of the telephone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the dedicated business team is there for you; whether you want to make or change a booking, check-in for your flight, choose your meal or even find out what movies are showing, they’re ready to help.

At the airport

Make the most of your time by spending less of it at the airport. We understand your time is important, so for your convenience we have dedicated business class check-in counters 2 & 3 in Terminal 2, Dubai International Airport. Also at selected airports, our priority services provide a speedy path through check-in and security on departure, and priority baggage collection ensures you’re quickly on your way when you arrive. No more hanging around in queues; this is the way busy people should travel.

Travel in comfort and enjoy the facilities of our Business Class lounge in Terminal 2, Dubai International Airport.

Find out more about flydubai's Business Class lounge

The business class seat

When you take your seat in business class, you’ll notice that it’s exceptionally comfortable and spacious. With built-in lumbar support, generous recline and extendable leg-rests, our Italian leather seats provide the perfect opportunity to relax. Sit back and enjoy a movie on the 12.1-inch built-in touchscreen, or if you need to prepare for an important meeting, just plug your laptop into the seat’s power supply and get down to work. However you plan to spend your journey, our comfortable seats will help you arrive at your destination ready for whatever’s next.

Seat facts & figures

  • Seat pitch: 42 inches
  • Seat recline: 7 inches
  • Seat width: 21 inches
  • Extendable leg-rest
  • Adjustable head-rest
  • Power supply: dedicated universal outlet
  • Personal HD touchscreen: 12.1 inches
  • Material: soft Italian leather

The onboard service experience

As one of 12 business passengers, you’ll enjoy a personal and friendly service from a dedicated member of the cabin crew. Whatever you need, they’ll take care of it; from serving you delicious meals from our internationally-inspired menu to keeping you refreshed with a selection of wines, spirits and soft drinks throughout the flight.

What to expect

  • 12 seats – all window or aisle
  • Dedicated crew member
  • Choice of meals from the business class menu
  • Snacks available on demand
  • Access to more than 200 movies
  • Power outlet suitable for plugs from over 170 countries
  • Blanket & pillow
  • Noise-cancelling headphones

What can I expect from business class?

Our new business class service offers a wealth of benefits, including priority check-in, lounge access at selected airports, a dedicated cabin service, internationally-inspired menus and exceptionally comfortable leather seats. You’ll appreciate the difference; whether you’re planning an important business trip or simply want to make the best of a well-earned break.

Complimentary for business class passengers

  • Dedicated business team
  • Generous checked baggage allowance
  • Priority check-in and fast-track through security at selected airports
  • Business class lounge access at selected airports
  • A comfortable and spacious business class seat
  • Choice of meals from the business class menu
  • Soft and alcoholic refreshments
  • HD in-flight entertainment
  • Priority baggage collection

How is business different to economy?

When you book a business class fare, in addition to a premium seat, checked baggage, food and in-flight entertainment are included. Plus at selected airports, you’ll enjoy lounge access as well as priority check-in and boarding. When you book an economy class fare, you’ll pay for any extras you choose – like checked baggage, food and in-flight entertainment, so you can create the travel experience that best suits your budget and travel needs.

Contact our Business Team

By phone

Call our Contact Centre on +971 600 544 445 and get help from one of our dedicated business team agents.

By email

Email your questions to and they will be answered by a member of our dedicated business team agents.


SMS the Business Team on +971 56 644 8866 with your booking reference and they will call you back to check you in, choose your meal or help with any enquiry you may have.

Please note this service is only available to Business Class passengers with a valid booking

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