You can expect an affordable and comfortable journey when you fly with us in flydubai’s Economy Class. The cabin is spacious and bright providing you a relaxing atmosphere throughout your flight.

Relax in comfortable seats

Our economy class seats are high quality and their ergonomic comfort and innovative design sets them apart. With the seat pocket at the top of the seat, you’ll get more legroom to stretch out and relax. For a small additional cost, you can even choose a seat with extra legroom.


Grab a bite to eat

You’ll have a variety of snacks and beverages to choose from on all our flights. On selected flights you can even pre-order a delicious hot meal when you book online, through the flydubai Customer Centre or with your local travel agent.

Be entertained


Each economy class seat is fitted with an HD touchscreen TV giving you full control of your entertainment experience. Choose from the very best Hollywood, Bollywood and international movies, TV shows, music, games and news. With over 2,000 hours of entrainment available, there’s something to keep everyone entertained. On selected flights, you can pre-purchase our premium entertainment package.

Stay connected


We’re rolling out WiFi across our fleet, so you can now stay in touch with your friends, catch up on your emails or get updates on your favourite sport matches. You can buy a WiFi package on board and access the internet using your phone, tablet or laptop. There’s also an option to purchase a Live TV package during your flight.

More ways to book – desktop, tablet and mobile

We’re making it easier for you to book flights with us. Be the first to find out.
  • New and improved look
  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick and easy

You can take part in shaping flydubai’s booking process by testing a pre-release version and letting us know what you think.

During the booking process you can go back to our classic site by clicking on the flydubai logo.