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Baggage guidelines:

Hand baggage:

  • You can carry one piece of hand baggage as long as it meets our hand baggage rules mentioned in your booking confirmation. 
  • Within your main hand baggage allowance, you can carry: one laptop bag or one small ladies handbag/gentlemen’s satchel (not exceeding 25 cm× 33 cm × 20 cm) or one duty free shopping bag.
  • The hand baggage should not exceed the maximum dimensions so you can store it in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you.

Checked baggage:

  • Checked baggage must have at least one flat surface and contain no loose straps.
  • Checked baggage must be sufficiently robust, well packed and secured to sustain normal rigours of air travel without getting damaged.
  • Checked baggage items must not be attached together. 
  • Maximum number of items
    You can check in up to 3 pieces of baggage, as long as their combined weight doesn’t exceed the baggage allowance in your booking confirmation.
  • Maximum dimensions
    Should not exceed 165 cm - height + width + depth. Bags exceeding this limit will not be accepted as checked baggage.
  • Maximum weight
    Each piece of baggage has to weigh less than 32 kg.
  • A tag, or a secure sticker, containing the passenger’s name, full address and a telephone number must be added to and inside each item of checked baggage.
  • You must not include any valuable items (including, for example, money, jewellery, precious metals) or valuable documents (including, for example, business documents, passports and other identification documents, negotiable papers, securities deeds) in your checked baggage.
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What happens if I arrive to the airport with more than 3 pieces of checked baggage?

Provided there's space in the hold for your luggage, extra pieces of baggage will be charged at a per kilo weight, even if the total weight for all pieces is less than the allowance you purchased. You can find excess baggage rates on our Airport baggage rates page.

What happens if I arrive at the airport and have not already bought a baggage allowance?

If you haven't bought a checked baggage allowance, you'll be charged a per kilo rate provided there's space in the hold for your bags. You can find excess baggage rates on our Airport baggage rates page.

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