Meet the Boeing 737 MAX, a new airplane that offers the largest-ever gains in fuel efficiency, a smaller-than-ever carbon footprint, trustworthy performance, and a passenger experience that’s filled with pleasant surprises from start to finish.

The MAX business seat

The business seat on board our 737 MAX aircraft takes comfort to a new level; it’s been tailor-made for flydubai to offer an exceptional travel experience.

Space and privacy

Enjoy a spacious environment on board and privacy in the cabin; the high, curved shell surrounding the back of the seat provides a sense of seclusion, so you can really unwind and relax during your flight.

Time for bed

If you want to get some sleep during your flight, the MAX business seat can quickly and easily be converted into a bed. When fully reclined, the seat is totally flat and measures 78 inches from top to toe, so you can stretch out and get comfortable before dozing off.

That’s entertainment

Every MAX business seat has a 15.6-inch 1080p HD built-in touchscreen for an immersive inflight entertainment experience.

The MAX economy seat

The economy seat on board our MAX aircraft is designed to optimise space and comfort, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

Comfort on board

With generous pitch, gentle recline and a bottom cushion that adjusts for support and comfort, the design of the seat in the economy class cabin is just one of the reasons the travel experience with flydubai is hard to beat.

Be entertained

Because every seat is fitted with an individual touchscreen, you can stay entertained when you’re on board. The 11.6-inch screen is fully HD, with a very high pixel density, so the quality of the inflight entertainment experience is exceptional.

Boeing Sky Interior

It’s not just the design of the seats that makes the cabin feel inviting; the Boeing Sky Interior itself is an invitation to experience flight in a more relaxing, inspiring, liberating way. The smooth-flowing lines and gently-sculpted sidewalls of the aircraft interior create a soothing sense of spaciousness, making the cabin instantly welcoming.

Throughout the flight, the cabin’s innovative lighting system can be adjusted to create the right mood for every stage of the journey, whether you're having a bite to eat, watching a movie or taking a snooze.

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