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Earning Miles

Types of Miles

There are two types of Miles you can earn when you’re a member of the Emirates Skywards loyalty programme: Skywards Miles and Tier Miles.

  • Skywards Miles are Miles earned through flights with flydubai and Emirates, as well as through promotions and partner offers. These Miles can be spent on a variety of rewards.
  • Tier Miles are Miles earned only when you fly with flydubai or with Emirates. These Miles help you reach the next tier of membership, so you enjoy a wider range of benefits.

Calculating Skywards Miles earned with flydubai

The Skywards Miles you earn when flying with flydubai are calculated on the basis of your route, your class of travel and your tier status. And once you move beyond the Blue tier, you’ll start to earn additional Skywards Miles based on your tier status.

  • Earning Miles by Route. The number of Skywards Miles you earn by route depends on the geographic zone where you start and finish your journey.
  • Earning Miles when travelling in Business Class. If you choose to travel in Business Class, you can earn additional bonus Skywards Miles.
  • Earning Miles by Tier Status. Silver members earn 30% bonus Skywards Miles, Gold members earn 75% bonus Skywards Miles and Platinum members earn 100% bonus Skywards Miles.

About Tier Miles

Tier Miles are earned in addition to Skywards Miles every time you fly with flydubai or with Emirates. And while Tier Miles can’t be spent on rewards, they allow members to rise through the programme’s tiers: from Blue to Silver, Silver to Gold and ultimately Gold to Platinum.

As you move up through the tiers of the programme, you’ll enjoy more and more benefits.

  • You can only earn Tier Miles by taking a flight with flydubai (a flight number starting with FZ) or with Emirates (a flight number starting with EK).
  • With flydubai, you can earn additional bonus Tier Miles when you choose to fly in Business Class.


Subscribe to Skywards+ and earn more Skywards Miles on flydubai flights. Choose the Premium package to also earn Tier Miles and achieve the next tier faster. To learn more, go to

Earning Skywards Miles with programme partners

You can also earn Skywards Miles on flights with a growing number of airline partners, as well as global partners in hospitality, car hire, finance, lifestyle and retail.

These partners even run special seasonal promotions to help you earn bonus Skywards Miles or give you extra value for your Skywards Miles when you spend them on rewards.

Our partners

My Family account

When you fly with flydubai you’ll be able to pool Skywards Miles into a My Family account. You can choose to contribute some or all of the Skywards Miles to a My Family account and any remaining Skywards Miles will go into the members individual Emirates Skywards account. Tier Miles will be credited to the individual Emirates Skywards account. To learn more, go to

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