Manage your booking

You can use 'Manage booking' to change your travel dates, add optional extras, upgrade to Business Class, or simply update your details.

How to change or cancel your booking

Want to add a passenger or change a date? It’s easy with flydubai. Depending on what type of fare you’ve chosen, you may have to pay to change or cancel your flight. See our fare types.

To make your changes, you’ll need:

  • Your booking reference
  • Last name of at least one passenger

What changes can I make to my booking online?

flydubai gives you full control of your booking online. You can:

  • Add a passenger
  • Remove a passenger
  • Change your dates
  • Add optional extras: meal, baggage, choose your seat
  • Upgrade to Business Class
  • Cancel your booking

Change your booking by phone

You can get help with your booking from one of our customer service agents through our Customer Centre.

Change your booking via a travel shop

If your booking was made with one of our travel partners or a travel agent outside our network, you need to contact the same travel partner to make changes to your booking. See our travel shops.


If you decide to cancel your flight, depending on what type of fare you've chosen, a voucher will be issued for your future travel with flydubai. If you bought a Flex or Business Class fare, you will not be charged any cancellation fees, if you cancel your booking more than 24 hours before your flight. You can get more details online by using Manage booking widget above, through our Customer Centre or the travel shop where you made your booking.

For the terms and conditions related to changing or cancelling your booking, see our fare rules.

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