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Economy class seats

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Extra legroom seats

Rows: Rows 15* and 16. Rows 1 and 2 on single-class aircraft. Row 6 on two-class aircraft.

Best seats for extra space. You can choose different extra legroom seating options based on your comfort needs. Our extra legroom seats are located in the front row and the emergency exit rows.

  • Emergency exit row seats offer extra space. Unwind in our emergency exit row seats. These seats offer extra space and recline* just enough for you to relax and experience a comfortable flight. To book an emergency exit row seat, you must meet our safety requirements (please read frequently asked questions below for more details).
  • Front-row seats offer a quick exit. Our front-row seats are perfect for passengers who prefer to quickly get off the airplane after landing.

Explore our seat maps using 'Manage booking' to choose your preferred extra legroom seat option.

*For safety reasons, seats on row 15 do not recline.

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Standard seats

Best seats for travellers on a budget. Our standard seats are a good option for passengers who have a seat preference but don’t want to spend as much. These seats are not as spacious as our extra legroom seats, but our Recaro-designed seats do give you a little room to stretch. You can choose between window, aisle, and middle seats. 

Please note, for safety reasons seats on row 14 do not recline.

Ideal for: family and group bookings.

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Business class seats

Experience ultimate comfort

Best all-in-one seats. If you’re travelling in Business Class, you don’t have to worry about reserving a seat, the seats in this spacious cabin offer extra comfort and extra legroom. But if you’re after a specific spot, we recommend you reserving a seat at the time of booking at no cost.

Our Economy Class travellers can upgrade to Business Class for a superior travel experience, and enjoy complimentary services like gourmet meals, selection of hot and cold beverages, and inflight entertainment.

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What is the price to buy a seat?

The price to reserve a seat starts from AED 15. The charges are only applicable for Economy Class travel to and from Dubai and may vary depending on your destination and the duration of your flight.

Can I pay for my seat using Skywards Miles?

Yes. You can reserve and pay for your seat using your Emirates Skywards Miles through our Customer Centre or online.

How do I reserve a seat with a partner airline?

Reserving a seat is only available for bookings made through flydubai and on flights operated by flydubai. If you’ve made a booking with our partner airline, please contact the partner airline to make a seat reservation.

How do I cancel and apply for a refund?

All refunds will be issued in the form of flydubai vouchers. If you wish to cancel any extras added to your booking, please contact our Customer Centre.

What are the safety requirements for emergency exit rows?

According to the safety requirements you won’t be able to book an extra legroom seat in emergency exit row if:

  • You have a hearing or sight impairment, to the point where you can't easily understand written or spoken instructions.
  • You can’t understand and carry out instructions in English.
  • Your physical stature, age or health prevents you from moving quickly.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You’re under the age of 16, even if you’re seated with an adult.
  • You're travelling with an infant or with someone who would require your assistance in the event of an emergency.

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