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Tips for first-time flyers

A first-time flyer must know all the travel regulations and standard rules for boarding a flight. From security checks to luggage restrictions, and the necessary paperwork, there are many things a flyer must keep in mind.

We have enlisted some tips to help first-time flyers be sanguine and optimistically carry your airport look. Follow these tips to have a carefree and relaxed experience on your first-ever flight. Below are a few tips to remember for all first-time flyers.

1. Check the airline's luggage requirements

luggage requirements - flydubai

You should verify the baggage allowance provided by your airline. For domestic and international flights, the airlines have different baggage allowance regulations. To prevent paying extra charges for baggage at the airport which can be very expensive, you must buy additional baggage online before your flight if you need to. You can check the baggage allowance by flydubai and be prepared for your first trip with us.

Remember to carefully read the baggage restrictions as well.

2. Opt for comfortable clothes and footwear

clothes and footwear - flydubai

Since it's your first flight, we know you care a lot about how you appear at the airport. However, it would be best to wear something casual and relaxed. You also need to be aware of the things you are carrying with you in your hand so that they comply with the rules and regulations of the airline. The inspections in this case occasionally include:

  • Take your beverages, laptop, and shoes out of the bag.
  • dragging the suitcase past the X-Ray scanner.
  • moving through the metal detector at the airport.

Otherwise, you have an advanced TSA check and must go through the process. However, it would only be possible if you go for snug garb.

3. Check-in online

Check-in online - flydubai

The fastest approach to avoid traffic and wait times at the airport is to check in for your flight online. In essence, it means getting your boarding passes online rather than in person at the airport and using it to confirm your seat on the plane. The ability to download boarding cards onto mobile devices allows travellers to bypass the security checkpoint entirely. Airlines offer websites for quick and simple online check-ins that streamline the boarding process for passengers.

4. Weigh your baggage at home

baggage at home - flydubai

You may easily weigh your baggage before you leave your house, which will relieve the tension of worrying about whether they are too heavy. Get a portable luggage scale so you can quickly determine how much your bags weigh. There's no need to purchase a luggage scale if you don't want to. To determine how much your bag weighs, deduct your weight from the total weight.

5. Buy Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance - flydubai

Another tip to remember while going for your first flight is to purchase a travel insurance. The flights no longer can only be boarded through a short ticket check. The security officer checks all your relevant Identity proofs and passport. Be well-managed as the time limits are steep, and all the checks are required to be completed on time. Make your first flight smooth by keeping things intact.

6. Pre-select a seat

Pre-select a seat - flydubai

Pre-booking a seat may cost you a little extra, but it also saves you from a lot of airport hassle, and you get the seat of your preference! Many travellers prefer an aisle seat, while others appreciate a window seat. Checking in at the airport does not guarantee you a seat of your choice, but pre-booking does. Additionally, airlines are not obligated to seat families or partners together if they have not pre-booked their seats online. So if you’re travelling with a child, a partner or a friend, it is definitely recommended for you to pre-select a seat and have a memorable, fun journey.If you have long flight, spending on an Extra Legroom seat is always a fruitful investment

7. What is allowed to be carried in check-in and hand baggage?

hand baggage - flydubai

Medicines, critical papers, jewellery, cash, small amounts of food, and other valuables can be transported in cabin bags when travelling. This is the reason that each passenger's cabin luggage is only allowed to weigh between 7 and 9 kilograms. Additionally, the size of the bag is required to make sure that people only use small bags or cases as handbags. Additionally, in check-in bags, you can carry clothes and other personal items.

8. Don't miss your essentials

Essentials - flydubai

Many times we have witnessed people losing their belongings at the airport. Also, it becomes challenging to recover them quickly. Hence, you are advised to keep the essentials in your handbags. When you use your handbag to secure your things, they are less likely to be misplaced. All first-time flyers should follow the point and ensure a smooth junket.

We at flydubai wish you a pleasant journey.

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