Onboard WiFi

Connect to the internet and surf, email or message during your flight.

Get connected

We’re rolling out WiFi connectivity across our fleet. So whether you ran out of time to send that last email or want to let everyone know you’re off on holiday, buy a WiFi package and get connected during your flight.

WiFi options

You can choose from the following options:

All-flight pass

Gives you WiFi access throughout the flight when the aircraft is above 10,000 ft.

30-minute pass (flights over 2 hours)

Allows you to connect to the WiFi for 30 minutes from the time of purchase.


Access to WhatsApp, iMessage and Viber.

Live TV

Enjoy live Arabic and English TV shows.

Pricing options for packages vary according to a range of factors, including the route and the length of the flight.

More than just WiFi

Through the Airtime Inflight WiFi portal, you can also access free games and monitor the progress of the flight. What’s more, you can access flydubai.com through the WiFi portal, without purchasing a WiFi package, so you can explore travel ideas, get inspired and book your next trip.

More ways to book – desktop, tablet and mobile

We’re making it easier for you to book flights with us. Be the first to find out.
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  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick and easy

You can take part in shaping flydubai’s booking process by testing a pre-release version and letting us know what you think.

During the booking process you can go back to our classic site by clicking on the flydubai logo.