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Flight bookings

How do I book an Emirates codeshare flight?

You can book flights to Emirates destinations through, travel agency portals, Travel Shops and flydubai Customer Centre.

Passengers can also book flights on, travel agencies, general sales agents, Travel Shops, OTAs, and the Emirates Contact Centre.

Need further assistance?

You can get in touch with us if you have any further queries.

Is there a special booking process for the Emirates and flydubai codeshare flights?

No, standard booking procedures apply.

Which airline would I need to contact to make changes to my flight booking?

If you have purchased your tickets from Emirates for joint Emirates and flydubai flights, you should contact Emirates if you have any queries related to your booking.

Likewise, if you’ve purchased your ticket from flydubai, you should contact flydubai. However, both airlines will look after each other’s passengers throughout the journey especially when operational changes are required.

If you’ve purchased your tickets from a travel agent, please contact your travel agent for changes.

Can I make changes to my flydubai marketed and Emirates operated flight? Is revalidation possible?

No, the flight tickets will need to be reissued.

When buying a codeshare flight online, how will I know which carrier I will be flying with?

flydubai flights numbers in the 6000-6999 series are operated by Emirates, and Emirates flight numbers in the 2000-2499 series are operated by flydubai. The operating carrier will be confirmed during the booking process and clearly stated in your e-ticket or booking confirmation.

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Will Holidays by flydubai be offered on flydubai flights (flydubai marketed and Emirates operated)?

No. Holidays by flydubai will not be offered.

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